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    To deploy cables and tools against wellhead pressure while removing or minimising the need for sinker bars.
    IPCOM000169913D | 2008-Apr-30
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    A dual TouchPad design enables a number of two-handed interaction techniques that offer improved usability. This document describes several interaction techniques and gestures for dual TouchPad designs.
    IPCOM000169912D | 2008-Apr-30
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    ABSTRACT Video decoding may be performed by either hardware or software, wherein the compressed data is restored to a visible image for display to a user. In both cases, uncompressed data from the decoder is typically not saved to a file prior to the uncompressed data being rendered by a video renderer in a graphics...
    IPCOM000169910D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-30
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    Problems exist with computer air intake screens becomming clogged and inteferring with the operation of the cooling fans. The dust particles are not easily brushed away when clogged in the screen. An existing fix is to add a stick on filter to the outside of the box to filter incoming air . The drawback to this...
    IPCOM000169909D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-30
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    The invention relates, in general, to oscilloscopes. More specifically, the invention relates to a system and method for waveform recording and playback in oscilloscopes.
    IPCOM000169908D | 2008-Apr-30
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    An olefin polymer composition comprising (A) 100 parts by weight of a homopolymer of 1-butene composed substantially of 1-butene units or a copolymer of 1-butene and another alpha-olefin containing at least 60 mole % of units derived from 1-butene, (B) 10 to 600 parts by weight of a homopolymer of propylene composed...
    IPCOM000000564D | Original Publication Date: 1989-Jan-03
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    A silver halide color photographic light sensitive material contains (i) at least one of cyan dye-forming coupler represented by formula (I) and cyan dye-forming couplers derived therefrom (ii) and at least one of compounds represented by formula (II), (III), (V), (VI), (VII) or (VIII) and compounds derived therefrom;...
    IPCOM000000563D | Original Publication Date: 1989-Jan-03
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    A process and an apparatus for depositing thin, amorphous carbon films having extreme hardness on a substrate is described. An enclosed chamber maintained at less than atmospheric pressure houses the substrate and plasma producing elements. A first electrode is comprised of a cavity enclosed within an RF coil which...
    IPCOM000000562D | Original Publication Date: 1989-Jan-03
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    A vacuum bag autoclave type procedure for curing layers of phenolic resin pregnated fibrous material to form a composite structural part. A straight up heat rise cure cycle is employed in conjunction with a layup and bagging procedure that ensures a relatively free bleed of excess resin during cure and a high-capacity...
    IPCOM000000561D | Original Publication Date: 1989-Jan-03
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    IPCOM000169900D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-30