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    A continuous method of manufacturing a drainage system and apparatus therefore comprises a continuous assembly line which forms a plastic core material followed by continuously forming an envelope surrounding the formed plastic core and then sealing the stuffed envelope. In a preferred embodiment of the present...
    IPCOM000000552D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Dec-06
  2. 22.
    A moisture absorbing, anti-arcing compound comprises a mixture of a moist active isocyanate resin and a generic anti-arcing compound. The isocyanate resin reacts with residual moisture in a high voltage ceramic insulator, thus tying it up chemically. This prevents diffusion of the moisture into the anti-arcing...
    IPCOM000000551D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Dec-06
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    IPCOM000169881D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-29
  4. 24.
    IPCOM000169880D | 2008-Apr-28
  5. 25.
    The present invention relates, in general, to test and measurement applications. More specifically, the present invention relates to a system and method for improved object management in a Visual Engineering Environment (VEE) application.
    IPCOM000169879D | 2008-Apr-28
  6. 26.
    The present invention relates, in general, to oscilloscope probe holders, and in particular, to an improved oscilloscope probe holder for ensuring solid tip contact between probe tips and a circuit board.
    IPCOM000169878D | 2008-Apr-28
  7. 27.
    The invention relates, in general, to data acquisition in oscilloscopes. More specifically, the invention relates to a system and method for enabling oscilloscope-state control through oscilloscope probes.
    IPCOM000169877D | 2008-Apr-28
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    A method and discovery process is described herein whereby users are led to make satisfying choices from a large number of available titles in a Video-On-Demand (VOD) library, while minimizing post-decision regret and averting feelings of loss when selecting less popular titles. The present solution provides a...
    IPCOM000169876D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-28
  9. 29.
    The invention provides a method to extract the rib segments from the lung fields and further analyze these segments for various rib abnormalities, for example fractures and density based variations.
    IPCOM000169875D | 2008-Apr-28
  10. 30.
    Method for producing fusion power wherein a neutral beam is injected into a toroidal bulk plasma to produce fusion reactions during the time permitted by the slowing down of the particles from the injected beam in the bulk plasma.
    IPCOM000000550D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Dec-06