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  1. 51.
    An in-vivo sensing device comprising a sensor and a housing, the housing having an external surface with a visually perceivable indicium thereon. The indicium facilitates easy identification of the in-vivo sensing device and assists in correctly locating the in-vivo sensing device in a container.
    IPCOM000169826D | 2008-Apr-27
  2. 52.
    Impressed current cathodic protection systems employing an anode having a cobalt spinel type surface, said surface having the formula: M.sub.x Z.sub.y Co.sub.(3-(x+y)) O.sub.4, where M is a metal or a mixture of two or more metals selected from the group of metals contained in Groups IB, IIA, and IIB of the periodic...
    IPCOM000000540D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  3. 53.
    This disclosure pertains to an electrodeposited chromium composite having ternating layers of high contraction and low contraction chromium. The laminated composite properties are enhanced because of thin layers of the same metal existing under different states of hardness, stress, orientation and microstructure. Thin...
    IPCOM000000539D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  4. 54.
    Fiber optic variable focus lens in which a bundle of fibers are fixed at end in a common plane and having another end of the fibers that is adjustable relative to a ring to allow said another end of the fibers to be adjusted to end in different planes and produce a lens. The lens can be varied and adjusted by...
    IPCOM000000538D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  5. 55.
    A ballistic damage tolerant, lightweight hydraulic actuator has a cylindrl liner with opposite open ends each surrounded by conical, outwardly extending projections of the liner. Each end receives a head which is detachably connected to the liner centrally of the projections by an element circumscribing the head....
    IPCOM000000537D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  6. 56.
    A warhead has a high energy explosive charge mounted therein for launching multiplicity of clustered metal fragments for killing a target with shock attenuator means mounted between the cluster of fragments and the high explosive charge to attenuate shock and prevent breakup of individual fragments.
    IPCOM000000536D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  7. 57.
    A bearing for a ball-shaped gimbal ring of a gimbal system has opposing arcuate tracks mounted individually to a gimbal ring and a base of the system. In a first embodiment, a ring track is segmentally opposed by a base track. Balls are disposed within the ring track and are kept there by a cage and retainer. A second...
    IPCOM000000535D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  8. 58.
    An apparatus and method which enables a weapon (usually on a test firing range) only when the weapon is aimed at a predetermined zone around a target. A transmitter subsystem comprising a strobe light, power supply and alignment scope is disposed at or near the target and oriented so as to transmit strobe light pulses...
    IPCOM000000534D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
  9. 59.
    An X-ray tube holder is described for holding X-ray tubes in proper alignment for performing radiographic leading edge cowl assembly exposures. The holder has a base to which are attached a holding arm and a fixed angle rest for holding the X-ray tube to the base. A pair of latches are attached to the base on the...
    IPCOM000000533D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Oct-04
  10. 60.
    A method of locating an electrostatic discharge event in a predetermined ucture by sensing electromagnetically that an electrostatic discharge event has occurred and producing a trigger signal from the electromagnetic sensing to control a recording device for the starting of time, utilizing a plurality of acoustic...
    IPCOM000000532D | Original Publication Date: 1988-Oct-04