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  1. 191.
    IPCOM000172956D | 2008-Jul-22
  2. 192.
    The Markem-Imaje SmartDate5 Wash Down Enclosure provides a robust and simple to use housing for the SmartDate5 Thermal Transfer Printer assembly. Useful in dusty, cold, damp, or full wash down environments, the enclosure makes use of a variety of new features that ensure quick changeover. Designed to meet HACCP,...
    IPCOM000172955D | 2008-Jul-22
  3. 193.
    IPCOM000172954D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-22
  4. 194.
    Bound books are produced in a production operation with multiple process steps. Efficient production tracking in the manufacturing environment is often implemented by adding bar codes to products and then scanning these barcodes at the appropriate production step. Barcodes are sometimes inadvertently included in...
    IPCOM000172953D | 2008-Jul-21
  5. 195.
    An electrophotographic printer often uses a continuous belt to hold the image during the imaging process. The belt can have a belt seam that resulted from the manufacturing process. The printer needs to know where the belt seam is located so as not to image on that portion of the belt. This idea proposes a...
    IPCOM000172952D | 2008-Jul-21
  6. 196.
    This idea discloses a process to determine a system's optimal set-points during the development of the system's process controls. The process described is used in the optimization of those control algorithms for which the design variables are a function of measurable noise factors. This heuristic approach utilizes...
    IPCOM000172951D | 2008-Jul-21
  7. 197.
    In production printing environments, most document finishing stations are separate from the print station. Some customers need multiple print stations in order to keep the finishing station productive (finishing is typically faster than printing). Some customers need multiple finishing stations but cannot afford a...
    IPCOM000172950D | 2008-Jul-21
  8. 198.
    This idea proposes an improved method of implementing a Parallel RIP (raster image processing) feature in a Print Server. The current implementation may not always perform optimally due to limitations in the PostScript master splitting technology. This idea proposes a new page level independent Ready To Image (RTI)...
    IPCOM000172949D | 2008-Jul-21
  9. 199.
    This idea proposes a stacking device that can automatically collate jobs in a printing system that supports the ability to interrupt an active job in order to print another job of higher priority. The device employs a stackable set of output bins, one of which, at any given time, aligns with a sole output tray and...
    IPCOM000172948D | 2008-Jul-21
  10. 200.
    This idea proposes annotating reprinted jobs with authentication metadata. On a multifunction device (MFD), a user creates a saved folder to store jobs for later reprint. At the same time an annotation entry for that folder is created that is applied whenever the job is reprinted. The annotation entry can contain...
    IPCOM000172947D | 2008-Jul-21