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  1. 201.
    This idea proposes using highlight color on a color MFD (multifunction device) to help the user find a document set or confirmation sheet in a stack of documents in the output tray. Fax / E-mail / Scan confirmation sheets on a Color MFD could have a colored border or highlight color patch to identify them within a...
    IPCOM000172946D | 2008-Jul-21
  2. 202.
    This idea proposes a method to reduce image quality problems associated with toner aging in an electrophotographic printer that uses single component development. The proposal is a periodic development of a strip of toner in interdocument zones. This would limit the maximum residence time of toner on the donor rolls....
    IPCOM000172945D | 2008-Jul-21
  3. 203.
    Disclosed is a method for on line and dynamic collaboration environment in Instant messenger like environment.
    IPCOM000172944D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
  4. 204.
    Business Problem: Corporations are pushing for single sign on solutions to reduce the number of IDs and passwords for employees. If the corporation using this single sign on ID/PW for their Virtual Private Network solution and the user's password becomes unusable (e.g., expiration, forgotten), there is no way for...
    IPCOM000172943D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
  5. 205.
    Error messages that are displayed on computing devices (examples: PC, Laptop, Smartphone) today state an error number and a description of the error. The error message has no intelligence to automatically fix or advise the user on how to resolve the issue. This invention monitors the computing device for error...
    IPCOM000172942D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
  6. 206.
    Software projects today are highly complex and component interdependencies. This invention discusses enhancements to existing source code tools that help to alleviate this problem. The invention gives developers and managers early feedback on their work, and can mandate a specific level of quality before a change is...
    IPCOM000172941D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
  7. 207.
    Disclosed is a system and method for location, and time based avatar's visibility in virtual world, for example: second life.
    IPCOM000172940D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
  8. 208.
    Method and apparatus for controlling debug interface pins (such as JTAG) by using a dedicated on-chip or on-board register and direct memory access interface implemented by this chip For implementing of this apparatus, a memory mapped register should be introduced either on chip or on board. To control JTAG pins this...
    IPCOM000172939D | 2008-Jul-21
  9. 209.
    There are situations when a driver is unable to see a vehicle in front of them due to bad weather conditions (heavy rain, fog, mist, etc) or out of the line-of-sight due to a bend in the road. If a vehicle were to decelerate rapidly, or perform emergency braking, a vehicle behind it may not be able to react in time,...
    IPCOM000172938D | 2008-Jul-21
  10. 210.
    Disclosed is a "System and method to send automated alerts while disabling the out of office facility in telephony and email systems" The telephony systems and POP3 compatible mail clients offer the facility of setting offline messages when the user is out of office. Facilities like Agents and answering machines...
    IPCOM000172931D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21