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    IPCOM000173294D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-30
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    In one class of solar dynamic electric power generation systems, a parabolic dish mirror concentrates the solar heat for use in a heat engine. The thermodynamic cycles used in the existing art heat engines for this application include the Stirling and the Brayton. In the ideal Stirling cycle the working fluid is...
    IPCOM000173293D | 2008-Jul-29
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    See Attachment
    IPCOM000173292D | 2008-Jul-29
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    Filtration matrixes comprising an adsorptive carbon media having a source of metal leach, a titanium oxide media, and an optional polymeric binder are provided. The titanium oxide media can be present in an amount of up to 5% by weight. The filtration matrix can remove at least a portion of the metal leach. The...
    IPCOM000173291D | 2008-Jul-29
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    In a process for partially oxidizing methane to an olefin, place a pressurized feed mixture comprising methane, molecular oxygen and, optionally, a diluent, in operative contact with a catalyst, preferably a multi-metallic catalyst e.g. a Group 8B metal, more preferably a rare earth metal, and at least one promoter or...
    IPCOM000173290D | 2008-Jul-29
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    US patent application 20060175547decribes using a thermal detector (e.g., pyroelectric detector) to collect optical spectra (e.g., mid-infrared spectra) in a high ambient temperature environment (e.g., a borehole tool) because it responds only to a change in light intensity but it does not respond to steady light...
    IPCOM000173289D | 2008-Jul-29
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    Oral dosage forms of artemisinin derivative compound 'A' and piperaquine comprising taste masked resinates of artemisinin derivative compound 'A' and piperaquine are reported.
    IPCOM000173288D | 2008-Jul-29
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    IPCOM000173287D | 2008-Jul-29
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    Multi Row SQL statements were introduced to reduce the overhead of sending similar (homogenous) SQL statements one at a time to the server and receive the response. Now Database clients could buffer homogenous SQLs and send them one shot to the database server for processing and receive a single response for the...
    IPCOM000173286D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-29
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    IPCOM000173285D | 2008-Jul-29