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    A framework design that supports a Command Invocation to be placed within a Process that is under Change Control and be executed in an automated fashion.
    IPCOM000174981D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30
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    A WCF transport for use with a SQL Server Service Broker (SSB) has been developed. Through extensible framework of the WCF model, WCF-based applications can access SSB functionality. For example, through IOutputSessionChannel a client application can access SsbConversationSender, and through IInputSessionChannel...
    IPCOM000174980D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30
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    At the end of a trade show, conference, festival or other large event, participants typically have a vague memory of the interesting booths and a bag full of materials that are hard to correlate. Text messages are a pervasive technology that can be applied to capture and distribute information specific to...
    IPCOM000174979D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30
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    This disclosure introduces a method to inspect a given software image and provide a numeric probability that the image is a usable match to a known image. By taking a user specified sample of a specific instance of installation media, it is possible to apply heuristics to other media images in order to determine...
    IPCOM000174978D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30
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    DSP processors can include dual-MAC (i.e. multiply and accumulate), In most cases when dual-MAC is done, a dot-product mathematics is implemented, i.e. both multiplication results are summed with the accumulator, in addition, in some implementations there is a need to add two multiplications of 16 bits by 16 bits into...
    IPCOM000174977D | 2008-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000174976D | 2008-Sep-30
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    ®®®The invention provides a control to assist clinician in interpreting different colors used in a medical image. A range of colors is provided to the clinician along with the standardized name. The clinician can interpret the colors using the same. Alternately the clinician may be provided with a category and...
    IPCOM000174967D | 2008-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000174966D | 2008-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000174965D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30
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    This system describes a method to randomize the process of how form fields are presented to the user in order to decipher a human response from a computer/automated response.
    IPCOM000174964D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30