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    A reverse mount LED solders onto the bottom side of a printed circuit board, and fires or shines through the PCB and up to the top side. This invention describes relatively methods to integrate light-spreading lens features in the PCB, in order to increase and brighten the illuminated area.
    IPCOM000176012D | 2008-Oct-31
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    No one likes to receive bad news on a project especially, the project manager and senior management. How well a problem is handled can depend on how quickly the problem is surfaced and reported. The following scenario illustrates this situation: A project manager has created a project. One of the tasks is to write...
    IPCOM000176010D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-31
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    All too often the only thing that is seemingly cast in stone when an information technology project starts is the project’s target completion date. The project may also begin with a defined scope and a monetary budget but changes to the scope and the budget are normally applied ahead of any change to the target...
    IPCOM000176009D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-31
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    Currently there is not a method for reducing introduction spam in a virtual world where automated bots attempt to contact and chat with you. Previous systems focus on dealing with email and html form spam. Automated chat spam within a virtual world will continue to grow as a problem as more users continue to...
    IPCOM000176008D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-31
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    Provided is a remedial or supplemental wood preserving composition which provides protection for in-service utility poles, railroad cross ties, fencing posts, marine pilings, permanent wood foundation and other wooden structures. The composition comprises an insoluble copper compound, a pH-modifier, a cellulose...
    IPCOM000176007D | 2008-Oct-31
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    This disclosure relates to a gasket for sealing between elements comprising a surface having a high porosity. In order to provide a gasket having a particularly high sealing potential, the disclosed gasket comprises at least one gasket layer comprising a bead arrangement having at least three sealing lines. The...
    IPCOM000176006D | 2008-Oct-31
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    This disclosure relates to a mono-layer or multi-layer, substantially metallic cylinder head gasket comprising at least one metal sheet layer having at least one bead which is deformable in its height direction, wherein said beaded metal sheet layer and/or a further metal sheet layer of the gasket is provided with at...
    IPCOM000176005D | 2008-Oct-31
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    This disclosure relates to a multi-layer gasket for an exhaust line, in particular for arrangement between an exhaust manifold and a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine. In order to avoid damages to the gasket layers and leakage caused by a pushing motion of the exhaust manifold relative to the cylinder...
    IPCOM000176004D | 2008-Oct-31
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    This disclosure relates to a mono-layer or multi-layer, substantially metallic flat gasket comprising a metal sheet layer having at least one support portion for receiving pressing forces that act upon the gasket during the mounting and/or during the operation thereof. The support portion can surround an opening of...
    IPCOM000176003D | 2008-Oct-31
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    The present disclosure relates to stable aqueous composition comprising quaternary ammonium neuromuscular blocking agent and process of preparation thereof.
    IPCOM000176002D | 2008-Oct-31