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    This invention uses face detectors to turn power on and off to a display system. If there are no faces that can see the display, then power can be turned off and battery life extended.
    IPCOM000175990D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
  2. 22.
    Moment by moment, the user of a computer is looking only at a small part of the display screen, so allocating electrical power only to that part can greatly improve power efficiency. This could significantly improve the battery pack endurance in portable devices such as laptop computers. This also can apply to a...
    IPCOM000175989D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
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    The representation and manipulation of a large number of settings in interfaces is a well-known human-computer interaction problem. This invention provides a compact representation of settings hierarchically organized in a tree widget interface. Users navigate through the hierarchy to find a particular setting and...
    IPCOM000175988D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
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    Many people carry mobile phones, which have a sufficient amount of connectivity, processing, and user interface to do more than just make mobile phone calls. Many mobile phones are already used as personal information managers (PIMs); this invention extends their capabilities to include support for presentors.
    IPCOM000175987D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
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    In this invention, the backlight color of any liquid crystal display (LCD) or background color of any organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is varied to give an indication of current device status (e.g., "on", "standby", etc.).
    IPCOM000175986D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
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    The field of the present invention relates to a method of construction of ceramic body electrodeless discharge lamps.
    IPCOM000175984D | 2008-Oct-30
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    In a retail store with self checkout lanes, managers determine when to open and close the lanes based on store hours, staff availability, and customer need. Instead of requiring self checkout lanes to be opened and closed manually, this solution allows for the lanes to be automatically opened and closed at the...
    IPCOM000175972D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
  8. 28.
    IPCOM000175971D | 2008-Oct-30
  9. 29.
    Not enough Megapack storage capacity available in Vac manufacturing. Stored Megapack should be used as soon as possible. No overhung at edge of ramp or pallet possible. Cartoon sheets are used as separators as well as edge protection. New setup uses foam separators with ESD protection. The Megapacks are sitting in the...
    IPCOM000175970D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000175969D | 2008-Oct-30