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    Disclosed is an idea and business model description of a Service Search Engine for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The idea extends Universal Description, Discovery and Integration registry (UDDI): introduces an automatic way to build registry of SOA services available on the Internet to facilitate discovery...
    IPCOM000175945D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-28
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    IPCOM000175942D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-28
  3. 53.
    This idea acknowledges that different customers have different requirements for machine performance of an image forming machine. The inventors propose that Customer Service Engineer (CSE) settable switches (software or hardware) could be used to indicate in which of 3 classes the users of a device belong. A lower,...
    IPCOM000175854D | 2008-Oct-27
  4. 54.
    This idea proposes a mechanism for dispensing lubricating powder onto a photoreceptor to provide for lubrication of the cleaner blade. The idea is to add a lubricant dispenser within the Xerographic Replaceable Unit (XRU) to drive a dispensing reservoir from the existing cleaner waste auger drive. An auger or brush...
    IPCOM000175853D | 2008-Oct-27
  5. 55.
    This idea proposes a method of enabling a paper rain hat to be easily printed using a solid ink printer. A page that is 100% covered in solid-ink is waterproof. The idea is to have a button on the User Interface that would, when pressed, output a print which could be folded, stapled, or glued to make a rain hat. The...
    IPCOM000175851D | 2008-Oct-27
  6. 56.
    This idea proposes a priority system for queued print jobs to promote environmentally friendly jobs above more wasteful jobs by calculating a percentage of maximum possible resources consumed. The user and operators would be able to enable/disable the feature. A simple rating model of resource consumption is also...
    IPCOM000175848D | 2008-Oct-27
  7. 57.
    This idea proposes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based tool for a Printer Controller that allows the specification of page level programming (page exception programming) parameters on a print queue. Specifically, when job and page level programming is applied to a given job on the printer controller the operator...
    IPCOM000175847D | 2008-Oct-27
  8. 58.
    This idea proposes a table-driven approach to XML definition and code generation. This idea proposes using a table to define a dialect of XML and to generate code from it. A typical definition table includes a row for each field within an element, giving its name, data type, and whether it is single-valued or...
    IPCOM000175846D | 2008-Oct-27
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    This idea proposes an improvement to a Highlight Color (HLC) capable printer. This type of printer prints black and one highlight color. Many customers run these printers in a Black Only Mode (BOM) for extended periods of time, which can contaminate the color developer housing with black toner. In addition, fibers...
    IPCOM000175845D | 2008-Oct-27
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    This idea proposes a long-life design solenoid that alters the materials and finishing of some components used in the manufacture of existing solenoids. The design changes result in increased operating life.
    IPCOM000175844D | 2008-Oct-27