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  1. 111.
    Disclosed is a method and system of sending reminders about an e-mail. The method is efficient in the number of steps required to send. Further the method supports visual association of the sending of the reminder(s) with the sent e-mail. Further in the receiving end there is visual association of the reminder(s)...
    IPCOM000183557D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  2. 112.
    Disclosed is a method for the capture and population of rules and actions associated to well-known problems executed through resiliency testing. The method will customize cross-domain symptoms for those tests taking into account the entire system environment in which the tests are performed. These cross-domain...
    IPCOM000183556D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  3. 113.
    Die Erfindung betrifft ein nahtbares Pressfilz mit einem Fadengelege. Das Fadengelege wird durch spiralisieren hergestellt. Die Steigung des Querfadensystems ist hierbei so gestaltet, dass dieses beim Spiralisieren sich genau im rechten Winkel zur Längsrichtung des Pressfilzes erstreckt. Zur ausbildung von...
    IPCOM000183555D | 2009-May-27
  4. 114.
    A driving means for a suction nozzle (24) is operative for removing fibre particles from a substantially vertical net filter (22) covering at least a portion of a heating device (18) of a pulp dryer (1). The pulp dryer (1) is operating in accordance with the air borne web principle. The suction nozzle (24) is movable...
    IPCOM000183554D | 2009-May-27
  5. 115.
    This is a system and method to support super large XML handling. XML handling here includes reading, writing, modification, backward&forward search and XPath search etc.
    IPCOM000183553D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  6. 116.
    There is a growing need to exchange DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) instances among multiple sources and consumers. The solution described in this artilce is to leverage well know DICOM standard with minimal effect on the exisitng systems, by having a focal point that is able to split and...
    IPCOM000183552D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  7. 117.
    Mechanism to avoid losing mails when there is no available space in the mail box
    IPCOM000183547D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  8. 118.
    A method is disclosed for improving the delivery of content to a client communicating with an application server on the Web. The main idea is to reduce the amount of information displayed on a web page (according to some priority policies) when the load of the server increases. In this way the server resources...
    IPCOM000183546D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  9. 119.
    Everyday we need exchange many emails, even hundreds, to communicate with other people for professional purposes.Current email clients are able to collate received emails based on sender-chain history so that it is easy to handle different ongoing email threads discussions.To reply to an email including many other...
    IPCOM000183545D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
  10. 120.
    IPCOM000183544D | 2009-May-27