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    IPCOM000183593D | 2009-May-28
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    IPCOM000183591D | 2009-May-28
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    Disclosed is a method and apparatus to enable wireless communication in locations where a user does not have a preferred service provider. A device is described which supports virtual subscriber identity modules, employs software defined radio and can be configured to operate over local networks via the aid of an...
    IPCOM000183590D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-28
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    IPCOM000183589D | 2009-May-28
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    A method and system for intelligent, automated personal health monitoring
    IPCOM000183588D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-28
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    We present a newly developed package technology and method for optically testing chips requiring wire bonds. The package design accommodates the electric needs of the chip so that the chip can be properly operated: power supply, ground, electrical I/O signals. At the same time, the chip backside is exposed, without...
    IPCOM000183587D | Original Publication Date: 2009-May-28
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    Summary This work presents an approach to 3D simulation of logs of induction resistivity tools in reservoirs. It is based on the usage of Octree Fractal Cartesian grids (OFC; "Octree" means "Octal Tree"), a finite-element discretization, and a direct solver. The corresponding code OFC3D does not require any special...
    IPCOM000183586D | 2009-May-28
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    The electrode arrangement of the laterolog is well known. The arrangement of electrodes (particularly the guard electrodes) prevent dispersion of electric currents near the current electrode by focusing it perpen-dicular to the laterolog device. A high current density is thereby maintained to an greater distance away...
    IPCOM000183585D | 2009-May-28
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    The present invention relates to the use of organic benzoate plasticizer(s) in a PVC-free and phthalate-free screen ink composition enabling and supporting the transfer of offset ink from a suitable carrier sheet to textile fabric by heat and pressure. The present invention also describes a method of decorating...
    IPCOM000183584D | 2009-May-28
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    The invention provides system and method to improve the workflow during a surgery by the use of a foot pedal as a remote control device for UI navigation in a surgical environment. The invention enables “hands-free” workflow utilizing foot pedal functionality to navigate and select controls on graphical user...
    IPCOM000183583D | 2009-May-28