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    Software to create a dynamic patent database is disclosed. The software includes a common interface that is used by multiple users to create a dynamic patent database. The patent database includes other patent databases that are created by various users. The various users upload the patent records to the patent...
    IPCOM000185672D | 2009-Jul-30
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    A piezoelectric transducer (PZT) sensor is stacked on an organic interposer directly on an ASIC chip. The digital connections (e.g., power or ground connections)on the ASIC chip are attached using a flexible carrier using a thermal compression bonding. Various methods for cooling the PZT sensor stack are disclosed....
    IPCOM000185671D | 2009-Jul-30
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    A method for preparation of large volumes of superconducting Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) powder is disclosed. The method involves processing of magnesium (Mg) metal and Boron (B) precursor powder as per the reaction stoichometry. This processed composite is then milled in a compatible grinding media, such as...
    IPCOM000185670D | 2009-Jul-30
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    Disclosed is a method for disk replacement strategy that can be deployed for data centers during disk replacement or disk upgrade. The method allows to nominate the best disks for replacement in data clouds where data centers may be geographically spread and helps ensure a positive influence on return on investment.
    IPCOM000185669D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-30
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    IPCOM000185668D | 2009-Jul-30
  6. 16.
    IPCOM000185667D | 2009-Jul-30
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    Docking stations exist that allow users to listen to music on their portable media players, such as an ipod, with speakers rather than headphones. Docking stations allow multiple people to listen to the music. If two people each have a portable media player, there is no mechanism that allows them to listen to music...
    IPCOM000185666D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-30
  8. 18.
    A novel technique for enhancing superconducting properties of Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) material is disclosed. A Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) composite includes superconducting particles of varied chemical composition and different critical temperature (Tc) characteristics. These superconducting particles introduce...
    IPCOM000185665D | 2009-Jul-30
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    La présente invention a pour objet une composition moussante comprenant, dans un milieu aqueux physiologiquement acceptable, des saponines extraites de son de quinoa et au moins un agent moussant additionnel choisi parmi les saponines additionnelles distinctes des saponines extraites de son de quinoa, les tensioactifs...
    IPCOM000185664D | 2009-Jul-30
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    A novel technique for enhancing superconducting properties of Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) material is proposed. Such technique involves the addition of other additive (non-superconducting) materials in the composition of the Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) for enhancing superconducting properties. The resultant Magnesium...
    IPCOM000185663D | 2009-Jul-30