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  1. 71.
    Since a driver's license or other form of government ID is required for a player card to validate age, address and other necessary information regarding the player, it makes sense to be able to extract this information automatically. Most drivers' licenses have a magnetic stripe (California) or bar code (Nevada) that...
    IPCOM000185425D | 2009-Jul-24
  2. 72.
    This document suggests a method for optimizing data transmission bandwidth in one direction (such as during a data restore) given a previous transmission of the data in the opposite direction (such as during a data backup).
    IPCOM000185424D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  3. 73.
    Abstract The amount of memory accessible by a 32-bit process is bound by the 32-bit address space. This inhibits 32-bit applications from accessing more than 4 Giga Bytes of memory. A new mechanism is presented that allows a 32-bit application access more than 4GB of memory, efficiently, without requiring 64-bit...
    IPCOM000185423D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  4. 74.
    Disclosed is a method and system for temporal and multi-dimensional visualization of performance data in virtualized server environments.
    IPCOM000185422D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  5. 75.
    When new SMI-S versions are rolled out, the specification update often deprecates classes, properties and methods in order to improve the functionality or performance of the interface. When developing the provider to conform to the new SMI-S version, the provider developers need to implement support for the new...
    IPCOM000185421D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  6. 76.
    When entering a virtual worlds simulation, such as an "old west" or "futuristic" simulation, people often encounter a list of rules that can require "proper" avatar attire and, in some cases, involved changes to behavioral or other functional activities. These requirements can cause people who are new to virtual...
    IPCOM000185420D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  7. 77.
    A method and system of estimating performance statistics in a data center using server virtualization is disclosed. The method includes conducting small-scale live experiments using virtual appliance that simulates a workload, for estimating performance statistics of servers, storage and their network...
    IPCOM000185419D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  8. 78.
    Mechanism for CIM agents to detect changes in the CIM data which can be used to send indications.
    IPCOM000185418D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  9. 79.
    Mechanism for providers to dynamically choose and apply the most appropriate update technique to any set or subset of a CIM schema.
    IPCOM000185417D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
  10. 80.
    Disclosed in this article is a smarter mechanisms associated with access of storage pool and their replica (ranging from a disk to a storage cloud) that will help in maintaining optimum cooling needs and at the same time help meet optimum consumption of carbon credits. This will help reduce the overall cost of...
    IPCOM000185416D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24