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    IPCOM000189215D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000189212D | 2009-Oct-30
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    A typical blade system mid-plane has many PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layers. Some of the layers are used for high-speed signaling, some are used for management signaling, and some are used to distribute power. The laminate chosen is usually mid-loss to low-loss to support the high-speed signals. Therefore, the...
    IPCOM000189211D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-30
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    Rotational vibration (RV) is a well known concern for hard disk drives and governs many aspects of drive tray and system designs. Rotational vibration is motion in the same plane as the hard drive's disk. External vibration in one or both of the two vertical planes can cause a rocking of the HDD, or "Tilt", that...
    IPCOM000189210D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-30
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    This article discloses mechanical expedients for thermally isolating actuators used to manipulate, e.g. choker bars in the performing of die coating.
    IPCOM000189209D | 2009-Oct-30
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    This article discloses the use of modern linear actuators that can reliably return to a position with great precision to allow a "fully opened" position in the management of the slot height in slot coating.
    IPCOM000189208D | 2009-Oct-30
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    This article describes a method and apparatus for safely mixing the exhaust of an inert gas solvent drying oven with air before further processing of solvent vapors through a thermal oxidizer or other emission control device. The apparatus allows only a small amount solvent laden air to be in the explosive regime at...
    IPCOM000189207D | 2009-Oct-30
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    This article discloses the use of heat during the decurling of roll goods, especially when a reverse curl is being employed.
    IPCOM000189206D | 2009-Oct-30
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    This article discloses the use of a station comprising two vacuum pull rolls set at a distance apart to provide tension isolation in webhandling.
    IPCOM000189205D | 2009-Oct-30
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    This article discloses a generally "Y"-shaped ultrasonic welding horn useful for e.g. the welding of medical masks.
    IPCOM000189204D | 2009-Oct-30