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    IPCOM000190411D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-28
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    A method is disclosed that prescribes a way to take the test suite of any stateless, transactional application and decompose it into many smaller test suites that can be executed in parallel, guaranteeing the exact same test results in a fraction of the time. This allows for the tests to execute more frequently,...
    IPCOM000190410D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-27
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    IPCOM000190408D | 2009-Nov-27
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    This disclosure gives overview design proposal to achieve high output power-bandwidth with distributed amplifier (DA) approach. Cascaded non-identical high-ft transistors (having lower Cgs; Vbr) is coupled to the input of high power transistor with tapered impedance termination - to improve power-bandwidth in DA....
    IPCOM000190398D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-27
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    IPCOM000190394D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-27
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    Inventors: Lawrence Mandel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Lorne Zeiler, Toronto, Ontario, Canada When composing e-mails and general documents it is typical that a date will be included in the contents. The date may be the date on which an event occurred, a date for a future meeting, etc. Frequently the day of the week is...
    IPCOM000190393D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-26
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    This document describes potential applications of adaptive optical components including a manually tunable lens, an electrically tunable lens and a speckle reducing diffuser. These components are provided by companies such as Varioptic, Holochip and Optotune.
    IPCOM000190392D | 2009-Nov-26
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    IPCOM000190391D | 2009-Nov-26
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    IPCOM000190390D | 2009-Nov-26
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    IPCOM000190389D | 2009-Nov-26