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  1. 31.
    A method and system for enforcing copyrights of media owners within a Virtual Universe (VU) is disclosed. The method and system includes enforcing media trials, degradation of media and injection of advertisements by augmenting metadata in a media stream.
    IPCOM000190377D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
  2. 32.
    The present invention incorporates laminated piezoelectric keyboards in home appliance devices to create a more durable operational human-machine interface device.
    IPCOM000190376D | 2009-Nov-25
  3. 33.
    An improved integrated appliance that utilizes a projection technique for displaying key user information is disclosed. The projection technique facilitates projection of user information (for example, a parameter such as the time remaining on a dishwashing cycle) of the integrated appliances (for example, a...
    IPCOM000190375D | 2009-Nov-25
  4. 34.
    The present invention relates to a device that during standby mode automatically disconnects power supply to all voltage rails of an electrical device.
    IPCOM000190374D | 2009-Nov-25
  5. 35.
    The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a liner that utilizes methods of both thermoforming and injection molding. The difficult part of thermoforming is eliminated by piercing and inserting “drop-in” parts that are created by another thermoforming process or injection molding.
    IPCOM000190373D | 2009-Nov-25
  6. 36.
    A device that detects the presence of isobutane by detecting its absorption of near infrared (NIR) wavelength. The device can generate a signal to activate a mechanism to prevent occurrence of any hazardous condition. The device includes a light-wave emitting source, a NIR filter, a photodiode detector, and a...
    IPCOM000190372D | 2009-Nov-25
  7. 37.
    The present invention provides an adjustable refrigerator door storage bin that includes an adjustable bin segment and a means for firmly securing the position of the adjustable bin segment that prevents unwanted movement of the adjustable bin segment.
    IPCOM000190371D | 2009-Nov-25
  8. 38.
    A draining method for a clothes washer is disclosed. The present invention overcomes a suds lock problem and simultaneously provides a cost effective measure to consumers. The method includes breaking down of suds, vacating water and suds from the clothes washer, spraying water onto the clothes, slowly spinning the...
    IPCOM000190370D | 2009-Nov-25
  9. 39.
    IPCOM000190369D | 2009-Nov-25
  10. 40.
    The present invention relates to a refrigerator hinge bracket that comprises an upper horizontal flange that supports a refrigerator door and a lower vertical flange that attaches to a mounting surface of a refrigerator, wherein the height of the vertical flange or horizontal flange is decreases in height until it...
    IPCOM000190368D | 2009-Nov-25