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    In order to achieve higher wafer quality, lift drying method is applied in wafer cleaning processes. In lift drying method, wafers are slowly exposed from the water surface by pushing up and/or pulling up with wafer guider and/or robot arms. Since wafer surface keeps clean by continuously overflowing, the wafer...
    IPCOM000190367D | 2009-Nov-25
  2. 42.
    In the case of large diameter ingot pulling by using small puller it is diffucult to measure the diameter because of small view point. The measuring of the radius is described by angled pedestal of the eyepiece lens and calculate two times of radius in the case of large diameter ingot pulling by small puller.
    IPCOM000190366D | 2009-Nov-25
  3. 43.
    Disclosed is a methodology that extends the current limitations of FileNet Cold Docs and proposes a new way in the ECM domain of overlaying text on background images.
    IPCOM000190365D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
  4. 44.
    Disclosed is a design of disposing a two-step switch on a keyboard for providing Standby/Do-Nothing state used for a laptop/notebook.
    IPCOM000190364D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
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    Disclosed is a method for optimizing paper and/or ink by using a new form of platform-independent print dialog after user has clicked the "print" button inside a running application. The invention would work in the way where it either replace the default print dialog, or it adds another window/dialog after user...
    IPCOM000190363D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
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    IPCOM000190362D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
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    1. overlay and find diff 2. simulate each mask in diff areas 3. overlay simulations 4. sort by magnitude of difference in simulation
    IPCOM000190361D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
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    At advanced technology nodes, the excessive pessimism in static timing analysis tools has become a bottleneck for TAT of designing chips. It has become utmost important to improve the accuracy of sign-off timing analysis tools. The receiver gate in a delay stage in static timing analysis has traditionally been...
    IPCOM000190360D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
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    Disclosed is a new caching technique that allows statically cached content to be dynamically modified or replaced at runtime. With this technique, one can fine tune portions of the same cached content to satisfy business requirements from different consumers, but without the need to re-process the original content...
    IPCOM000190359D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-24
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    A four junction solar cell is described which incorporates a second Ge junction added to a triple junction solar cell stack with thicknesses that split the adsorbed light between the two Ge subcells. The two subcells may be interconnected with a higher bandgap III-V tunnel junction. The bandgaps of the upper two...
    IPCOM000190358D | 2009-Nov-24