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    IPCOM000191380D | 2009-Dec-31
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    Disclosed in this article is smart driving system to provide drivers with real time information about the history of neighboring drivers, what to expect from the surrounding traffic, and enable drivers to make intelligent choices to avoid high risk situations. The objective is to make cars capable of sensing the...
    IPCOM000191379D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-31
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    The present invention discloses a mechanism that enables servicing of an appliance, such as a range unit, that has limited front access to the door lock assembly or limited access to the control panels that could provide access to the lock assembly. Further the present invention allows the front view of the range...
    IPCOM000191378D | 2009-Dec-31
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    A system for water efficient means of washing laundry in a vertical axis washer is disclosed. The water efficient means is a wash basket comprising vertically oriented channels with perforated inner walls and at least one siphon tube. The wash basket eliminates the annular and bottom storage of water in the outer...
    IPCOM000191377D | 2009-Dec-31
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    An improved icemaker rake control is provided. The rake control includes a DC motor as the rake operator. Additionally, a rake that reverses rotational direction after the ice ejection process is completed is provided. The rake control further allows water to fill the ice cavities of the icemaker prior to the rake’s...
    IPCOM000191376D | 2009-Dec-31
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    An active method for reducing the noise generated by a dishwasher is disclosed. The method employs a real time sound wave interference system that captures noise generated an appliance and produces an anti noise signal. The anti noise signal is of exactly the same amplitude, but 180 degrees out of phase so that both...
    IPCOM000191375D | 2009-Dec-31
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    The present invention relates to a burner system with a variable diameter. In the variable diameter burner system, the outer burner rings swivels or move about its own axis as a gas valve is opened and thereby provides more room for secondary air entrainment for inner or central burner rings.
    IPCOM000191374D | 2009-Dec-31
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    A bitmap datastructure where the size of storage represented by a bit may change in response to the load on storage areas.
    IPCOM000191373D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-31
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    The invention is in the areas of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex, OFDM, signals and receivers for providing increases sensitivity, SNR. It may be used in DVB digital television receivers and tuners, in particular for DVB-T and DVB-H. It is proposed to avoid the use of low noise amplifiers at the tuner front...
    IPCOM000191372D | 2009-Dec-31
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    We propose to add semantic capability to social network miners/aggregators, so they can return relationships based on a requested semantic (e.g., all the people who are similar to John) or an arithmetic combination of these semantics (e.g., all people John is similar to, but is not familiar with). We suggest the...
    IPCOM000191371D | Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-31