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    IPCOM000192589D | 2010-Jan-25
  2. 122.
    The present technique discloses a new bi-functional hydro-cracking and hydro-dewaxing (hydro-isomerization) catalyst. Further, the technique also provides a corresponding process for converting the bio-oils into jet fuels such as, Jet Propellant 8 (JP-8) and Jet-A types of fuel.
    IPCOM000192586D | 2010-Jan-25
  3. 123.
    A system and method for determining torque on a turbine shaft are disclosed. The disclosed method includes measuring the torque by utilizing the Moiré interference effect. The disclosed method utilizes two gratings to generate the Moiré interference pattern. Further, a spatial period of the interference pattern is...
    IPCOM000192585D | 2010-Jan-25
  4. 124.
    The present invention discloses a technique for using a volume that exists within an offshore wind turbine foundation. Further, the technique also includes the use of compressed air energy storage (CAES) systems with the offshore wind turbine systems. Some of the energy generated by the wind turbine is stored as a...
    IPCOM000192584D | 2010-Jan-25
  5. 125.
    A method for fabricating a microfluidic device is disclosed. The disclosed method utilizes a sacrificial insert and a multishot injection molding technique. Further, the method first produces a complex polymeric part of a shape that resembles an internal structure of hollow channels and compartments of the...
    IPCOM000192583D | 2010-Jan-25
  6. 126.
    A system and method for treating waste water is disclosed. The disclosed method utilizes a reverse osmosis (RO) device with low fouling membranes in order to purify the waste water. Further, effluent from the RO device is reused and RO reject is sent to a super-capacitive desalination (SCD) device in order to remove...
    IPCOM000192582D | 2010-Jan-25
  7. 127.
    A technique for improved cardiac gating is disclosed. The technique allows partial recovery of data from abnormal beats and reduces data lost due to view start time not coinciding with beat start time. The method described herein allows logical division of heartbeat cycle and optimal synchronization to...
    IPCOM000192581D | 2010-Jan-25
  8. 128.
    My product is called "SnaKit" which is intended to be a trademark. The idea behind the product is to save human life or avoid that people must have limbs amputated after bites of poisonous snakes, scorpions or other poisonous animals, e.g. insects.
    IPCOM000192580D | 2010-Jan-25
  9. 129.
    Disclose is a method for improving printing performance by determining whether the intermediate language generations is conducted on the client PC or printer server when the printing request is made on the client PC. The printing performance is calculated on the basis of the network speed, Page Description...
    IPCOM000192578D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-25
  10. 130.
    The disclosed cost accounting system accepts the output of inventory control system which keeps the supplier information of the purchased raw material (partially or intermediate finished good). This is in the case where inventory system or production system are to do this. This enables the disclosed cost...
    IPCOM000192577D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-25