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Month of January 2010 - Page Number 6

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  1. 51.
    Virtual foreign keys are introduced into a hierarchical database structure in order to emulate a similar referential integrity between the two tables that relational databases have. This enables standard SQL access against hierarchic databases while preserving the native structure of the database.
    IPCOM000192642D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-27
  2. 52.
    Described is a method for detecting ECC errors in unused memory, such as that reserved for additional capacity, that would typically go undetected due to default memory initialization values. This method involves coordination between system software and memory scrubbing hardware to periodically change patterns...
    IPCOM000192641D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-26
  3. 53.
    For usages where an exact trace compression timestamp is not needed, a method is described to compress the timestamp into a small enough number of bits that it can be included directly with the trace data, eliminating the need for a separate compression entry in the trace array.
    IPCOM000192640D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-26
  4. 54.
    Described is a method for toolless insertion/extraction and shielding of power cables in a rack-mounted system.
    IPCOM000192639D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-26
  5. 55.
    Disclosed is a service that improves navigation, organization and search ability of a mail file by automatically creating a context sensitive tag cloud based on the content of a mail files’ search engine.
    IPCOM000192638D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-26
  6. 56.
    An RF ablation catheter includes a flexible electrode formed of a wire mesh bonded to the distal end of a catheter shaft. The catheter also includes a pull wire, the distal end of which is attached to the interior distal portion of the electrode. The proximal end of the pull wire is configured to be withdrawn...
    IPCOM000192637D | 2010-Jan-26
  7. 57.
    Disclosed is a system that infers the transformations from a raw relational data set to a specified data. A data transformation is a series of operations that consist not only of common SQL-like operations, but also application-dependent data manipulations. Conventionally, such complex transformations are manually...
    IPCOM000192636D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-26
  8. 58.
    Many systems offer auditing features and implement an auditing routine. However, users and administrators of such systems often believe that the auditing features provided by the system are a burden that they do not want to use. This article described a method by which the auditing routine that comes packaged with the...
    IPCOM000192635D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-26
  9. 59.
    A series of proteases were evaluated for their ability to hydrolyze animal tissue for the production of heparin. Samples of cooked porcine mucosa were hydrolyzed using Protex® P, Protex® 6L, and Protex® 5L proteases. The filtrate volumes were measured and the hydrolyzed material was tested for heparin concentration....
    IPCOM000192634D | 2010-Jan-26
  10. 60.
    A series of proteases were evaluated for their ability to hydrolyze animal tissue for the production of chondroitin sulfate. Samples of bovine trachea were hydrolyzed using Protex® P, Protex® 6L, and Protex® 5L proteases. The hydrolyzed material was physically separated and detection of chondroitin sulfate...
    IPCOM000192633D | 2010-Jan-26