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    Concerning ESP (or other artificial lift systems) for producing deep gas wells that have small casing liners near the bottom of the wellbore (containing the perforation zone). This invention is for a 'Velocity Shroud' system that allows pumps to be functional in high gas, low pressure applications where access below...
    IPCOM000194584D | 2010-Mar-31
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    Differential line drivers have been used in the industry for high speed digital communication since the 1960s. A properly laid out circuit offers high differential noise immunity as well as common mode noise immunity. This patent applies the above mentioned technology for driving gate drivers in a Variable Speed...
    IPCOM000194583D | 2010-Mar-31
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    Centrifugal pumps are designed to primarily pump liquid. When gas is pulled into the pump with the liquid stream it begins to accumulate on the low pressure side of the impeller vanes. As the gas pocket grows it begins to block the flow of liquid. The gas pocket increases until the pump can no longer produce...
    IPCOM000194582D | 2010-Mar-31
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    This is a slotted intake assembly with same OD size as equipment string. Slots sized to match pump intake capacity so what ever makes it through the slots can be produced through the pump. The slotted intake gives many times the volume area of a standard pump intake so there is no restriction to pump. This large area...
    IPCOM000194581D | 2010-Mar-31
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    Relating to down hole ESP system, for producing gas wells. This invention is for a 'below motor' mixed flow booster pump combined with a gas separating chamber/pump feeding a Gas By-Pass pipe in order to offer greater gas handling capability for horizontal gas well dewatering applications.
    IPCOM000194580D | 2010-Mar-31
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    This invention is an automated method to displace gas from an electric submersible pump installed in a well that is gas locked or is approaching gas lock conditions.
    IPCOM000194579D | 2010-Mar-31
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    This invention is a novel method for controlling foaming conditions in a caisson. Specifically but not limited to subsea storage/separation caisson used in subsea drilling where a series of wells are connected to a subsea caisson. Whereas one or more production wells flow into a caisson located on or in a seabed that...
    IPCOM000194578D | 2010-Mar-31
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    Temperature monitoring in multiple locations along an ESP motor utilizing an array of temperature sensors connected to either a permanent or power line communications gauge system.
    IPCOM000194577D | 2010-Mar-31
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    The electrical submersible pump industry uses multistage compression type pumps for pumping oil or other well fluids to the surface. The pumps comprise of impellers and diffusers. The impellers rotate inside the diffusers by means of a single shaft. The term compression type means that all the impellers are equally...
    IPCOM000194576D | 2010-Mar-31
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    This invention disclosure is for a down hole pump shroud system that incorporates an inverted shroud in conjunction with a dip-tube stinger. This shroud system allows for almost any setting location and position while providing motor cooling and gas avoidance, even gas slug avoidance. It would also serve as a junk or...
    IPCOM000194575D | 2010-Mar-31