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  1. 161.
    In many instances it is not socially acceptable and is often disruptive for a cellphone to ring during a meeting. So the user sets the phone to either off or vibrate mode. The problem is that no calls can be received when the phone is in off mode; and the phone must be physically worn by the user to receive...
    IPCOM000194443D | 2010-Mar-24
  2. 162.
    Many times during development files contain duplicate or near identical sections. When a change needs to be made to one of these sections, that change must be made to every file separately through one of the following methods: 1. Users create a template within Eclipse that says with every new file creation a...
    IPCOM000194442D | 2010-Mar-24
  3. 163.
    This invention deals with providing a better user experience for debugging code by hinting at where bugs are most likely. Hints will be based on the code metrics as well as other metadata about code. Metadata about the code include the checkin history of it as well as the past bug reports. One of the most...
    IPCOM000194441D | 2010-Mar-24
  4. 164.
    IPCOM000194440D | 2010-Mar-24
  5. 165.
    Disclosed is a process to enable a source code editor to display meta-data information of interest to a programmer presently reading the source code, without extra work by either a programmer who modified the code in the past or by a programmer who is presently reading the code. The disclosed process also enables the...
    IPCOM000194439D | 2010-Mar-24
  6. 166.
    Disclosed is a technique to enable a user to periodically upload search history of the user to a central technical documentation server and to download the search rankings from a Web technical documentation server. Uploaded local search history is used by the Web technical documentation server to improve Web search...
    IPCOM000194438D | 2010-Mar-24
  7. 167.
    The technical invention disclosed herein relates to head restraints for vehicles, more specifically for Active Head Restraints which actuates a forward movement of an impact element portion of the head restraint in the event of a crash to reduce the risk of injuries in particular to the neck area, so called whiplash...
    IPCOM000194437D | 2010-Mar-24
  8. 168.
    A method and system for providing automated Xpress updates and policies to devices is disclosed. Xpress updates and modification of policies in multiple devices are performed without having to connect directly to a RealSecure SiteProtector* (RSSP) console or a Graphical user Interface (GUI) of these devices.
    IPCOM000194436D | 2010-Mar-24
  9. 169.
    IPCOM000194435D | 2010-Mar-24
  10. 170.
    The present technique discloses an audio output system for a telemetry transmitter used in fetal monitoring systems. The telemetric transmitter described herein is a part of the ultrasound pulsed Doppler based fetal heart rate detecting system. The audio output system of the telemetric transmitter comprises a...
    IPCOM000194432D | 2010-Mar-24