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  1. 171.
    IPCOM000194431D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-24
  2. 172.
    To locate the physical location of apparatus or device is important for working efficiently and protecting the assets of an enterprise, especially for a large-scale operation environment. Disclosed is a system designed to gain fast control over the location information for specific hardware resource like hosts,...
    IPCOM000194430D | 2010-Mar-24
  3. 173.
    When meeting room seats are limited and there are many invitees for an invitation, current calendar system can not handle this situation properly. Instead of managing enrollment by accepting or not by receivers, in our invention, we have a Rule Engine which can process the acception and provide a final list of...
    IPCOM000194429D | 2010-Mar-24
  4. 174.
    We often see some complicated graph with many icons in it, like the FIG. 4 in Figure 1. The icons’ specifications usually appeared in many pages. It’s very inconvenient to read and refer among figure and its specifications. For example, in Figure 1, FIG. 4 is a graph to specify a work flow. There is an icon named 401...
    IPCOM000194428D | 2010-Mar-24
  5. 175.
    Disclosured is a method and system to allow user customize a web page before social bookmarking it. User could according to his bookmarking purpose: highlight some texts, remove useless page contents, auto-fill forms, integration information from 3rd party websites, etc. Social bookmarking service allows user to...
    IPCOM000194427D | 2010-Mar-24
  6. 176.
    current searching UI is not so convenient. For example, Windows Notepad's finder allows user to search some key words up or down. You can click "Find Next" to search in the chosen direction which is "Down" in this case,but if you want to find it in the opposite direction, you have to click "Up" radio button first,and...
    IPCOM000194426D | 2010-Mar-24
  7. 177.
    Current Bookmark systems manage our favorite bookmark links sorting by date, title, label, etc. All the bookmark links will list in different categories in the web pages . But if you created a lot of bookmark links and categories, you will meet the problem that you can not find your favorite bookmark links easily. Our...
    IPCOM000194425D | 2010-Mar-24
  8. 178.
    Many web applications provide a query interface for data that is provided from an enterprise application server. The typical usage pattern for these interfaces is for the web client to submit a query to the server which returns a set of results that are shown in the web client. The web client may provide some...
    IPCOM000194423D | 2010-Mar-23
  9. 179.
    Disclosed is an HTML standards modification for step driven user experience enhancements
    IPCOM000194422D | 2010-Mar-23
  10. 180.
    This disclosure provides a method to centrally collect and manage logs and traces generated by the client-side logic of a standard web application. Applications of this invention can range from troubleshooting client-side issues after customer deployment time to tracking activities and interactions of the...
    IPCOM000194421D | 2010-Mar-23