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  1. 181.
    Progress of an HTTP request is usually expressed by estimating the time it would take to download the response. Disclosed is a system that allows a web service to use the HTTP protocol to get progress information for a request as events that would be compatible with existing HTTP clients. This invention could...
    IPCOM000194420D | 2010-Mar-23
  2. 182.
    Disclosed is an invention that determines the difference in processes between two dies in a 3D chip stack and provides feedback to the voltage regulator to adaptively deliver optimal power to the load.
    IPCOM000194419D | 2010-Mar-23
  3. 183.
    Several configurations for the regeneration of a saltless water-softening system are disclosed. Variations in the components of a water-softening system or the configuration of the components of a system improve the process for regenerating the system’s resin bed.
    IPCOM000194418D | 2010-Mar-23
  4. 184.
    This article discloses an SRAM cell performance monitor for sense amp applications.
    IPCOM000194417D | 2010-Mar-23
  5. 185.
    Described is a method and apparatus to facilitate grounding of painted racks using a single integrated solution and without adding additional process steps during manufacturing.
    IPCOM000194416D | 2010-Mar-23
  6. 186.
    Described is a method and apparatus for power reduction in SRAMs via combined BIST and redundancy multiplexed data path.
    IPCOM000194415D | 2010-Mar-23
  7. 187.
    A water softening system that includes means to re-circulate and reuse spent brine, such as may be produced during the regeneration of salt-based ion-exchange water softening systems, is disclosured. The system includes a resin tank, a concentrated brine tank, a recirculation pump, and a recirculation valve. The...
    IPCOM000194414D | 2010-Mar-23
  8. 188.
    A water softening system that includes an inline heater equipped with a proportional valve that controls temperature output by adjusting the flow rate of the water is disclosed. The inclusion of the proportional valve allows the inline heater to remain on at all times and allows the system to achieve a target outlet...
    IPCOM000194413D | 2010-Mar-23
  9. 189.
    The reconditioning of gas turbine blades in general comprises the process step of weld repair. For gamma’ strengthened nickel base alloys the bad weldability leads to hot cracking phenomena in the heat affected zone and the weld metal. These imperfections in the weld restrict the use of weld repair to low loaded areas...
    IPCOM000194412D | 2010-Mar-23
  10. 190.
    Disclosed is a light shield for a Complimentary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor and a triple damascene process for preparing the same. The light shield forms a light blocking guard ring around the CMOS image sensor. The light shield also facilitates proper wiring contacts to the CMOS image sensor.
    IPCOM000194411D | 2010-Mar-23