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Month of March 2010 - Page Number 20

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  1. 191.
    A method and system for determining the tightness probabilities produced by maximum or minimum operations in a Monte Carlo simulation when equivalent inputs are used is disclosed.
    IPCOM000194410D | 2010-Mar-23
  2. 192.
    A method and system for generating flexible corner models for an integraged circuit is disclosed. The design size (design length and design width) of multiple instances of a same type of semiconductor device used in the circuit can take multiple different values (either continuous or discrete) simultaneously. In...
    IPCOM000194409D | 2010-Mar-23
  3. 193.
    This invention is to provide a new way to specify the title of the opened sessions, which will help PCOM users quickly grasp the very session they want, rather than to struggle to bring back what the simple letter means to them or to waste precious time to check all of the sessions one by one.
    IPCOM000194404D | 2010-Mar-23
  4. 194.
    This disclosure defines the method to fabricate a printed circuit boards (PCB) laminate material with glass fiber/glass cloth rotated certain degree, this PCB laminate material could meet the signal integrity and improve electrical performance for high frequency and high speed application.
    IPCOM000194403D | 2010-Mar-23
  5. 195.
    The present technique provides a telemetric module with an improved antenna configuration. The proposed antenna configuration is designed by embedding a desired length of the antenna into a shoulder strap of the telemetric module. Further, the present technique avoids the use of an external antenna which in turn...
    IPCOM000194402D | 2010-Mar-23
  6. 196.
    IPCOM000194401D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-23
  7. 197.
    Array structures typically consist of a true and complement bitline pair. The bitlines are precharged every cycle; therefore there is significant power consumption since either the true or complement bitline of each bitline-pair column is being discharged and charged every cycle. This disclosure shows a way to reduce...
    IPCOM000194400D | 2010-Mar-22
  8. 198.
    IPCOM000194399D | 2010-Mar-22
  9. 199.
    Method to collaborate all the meeting minutes collected by the different people attending the meeting. Minutes could be collected using various methods like draft format within lotus notes, minutes collected as notes in a notebook or minutes collected in a lotus notes database.
    IPCOM000194398D | 2010-Mar-22
  10. 200.
    The Web Environment for Drafting (or WEB Drafter) is designed to companies that have already standards for their Web sites where the marketing group can customize and share among communities their own pages without a production team or a technical group supporting them on its development, saving a good amount of time...
    IPCOM000194397D | 2010-Mar-22