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  1. 201.
    The preparation of XBRL regulatory submissions is a tedious and somewhat repetitive undertaking. Virtually every report line item in standard financial statements must be tagged or linked to appropriate XBRL taxonomy definition elements. Preparers must first identify, validate and verify each data element. They must...
    IPCOM000194396D | 2010-Mar-22
  2. 202.
    The present publication discloses a method to transmit information across firewalls
    IPCOM000194388D | 2010-Mar-22
  3. 203.
    In phytosanitary formulations, the substances formula I below are generally used as solvents, but they can also be used as cosolvent, crystallization inhibitor, stripping agent and biological activator. The substances have the following general formula I : ROC-A-CONR2R3 (I) wherein: - R is OR1 or NR4R5, - R1 is a...
    IPCOM000194387D | 2010-Mar-22
  4. 204.
    A method and system for automatically retrieving data from a database for unit testing is disclosed. The method includes storing a snapshot of the data retrieved from the database in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file by a unit test framework. Thereafter, the unit test framework retrieves the data from the XML...
    IPCOM000194386D | 2010-Mar-22
  5. 205.
    An integrated outdoor apparatus for digital video surveillance is disclosed. The integrated apparatus comprises a Lite Portable Observation Device (LPOD) that includes all the components of a public surveillance system in a single, unified, esthetically pleasing, easy to install, and low maintenance enclosure.
    IPCOM000194385D | 2010-Mar-22
  6. 206.
    A method and system for automated video retrieval from disparate video sources is disclosed. The method and system disclosed herein adaptively retrieves videos corresponding to one or more incidents.
    IPCOM000194384D | 2010-Mar-22
  7. 207.
    A method and system for reducing storage consumption using virtual storage blocks and block level deduplication is disclosed. Each block of data is virtualized and deduped in order to reduce the physical space consumed by data.
    IPCOM000194381D | 2010-Mar-22
  8. 208.
    A method and system for automatically creating and displaying a custom map on a mapping device with custom geo-boundary triggers is disclosed. The custom map is created and displayed based on user preferences.
    IPCOM000194380D | 2010-Mar-22
  9. 209.
    In any electronic board containing some electric fragile devices.It is mandatory to be aware of any over-current absorbed by those devices, and how many times this over current occurs.
    IPCOM000194375D | 2010-Mar-22
  10. 210.
    In any electronic board containing some electric fragile devices, It is mandatory to be aware of any over-voltage absorbed by those devices, and how many times this over voltage occurs.
    IPCOM000194373D | 2010-Mar-22