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Month of March 2010 - Page Number 22

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  1. 211.
    In some real scenarios, it could happen that a trusted user wrongly prompts the password, to log into a system, for a number of attempts greater than the maximum allowed. The solution described hereunder allows the user in such circumstance to be given authorization to perform further login attempts, in a dynamic...
    IPCOM000194371D | 2010-Mar-22
  2. 212.
    In a two people normal conversation, face recognition and Facial expression is currently used to identify what information to provide to each other. We can use current face recognition technologies to add information to Portal systems about the user characteristics and behavior, giving to the portal the ability...
    IPCOM000194370D | 2010-Mar-22
  3. 213.
    The invention provides a technique of segmenting thin anatomical structures, such as a physeal growth plate. This invention begins with roughly segmenting an image dataset such that the structure of interest is marked OUT and a significant portion of the adjacent background is marked IN. Morphological and hole filling...
    IPCOM000194368D | 2010-Mar-22
  4. 214.
    Disclosed is a method for improved performance over Kerberos authentication request which may be spanned across multiple realms in scenarios wherein the Key Distribution Center (KDC) is unavailable. The method incorporates the dynamics associated with the availability of KDC server and suggest an improved approach.
    IPCOM000194365D | 2010-Mar-22
  5. 215.
    This invention proposes a new system and method for focused block extraction from the screen view. Different with traditional block extraction approaches, the proposed method is able to automatically estimate the focuse score of each block in the screen view based on a set of visual features
    IPCOM000194364D | 2010-Mar-22
  6. 216.
    Complexity of operating a private data center make the service providers hesitate or incapable to own a data center. Flurish of SaaS and Cloud provide new oppertunities for service provider to run their services. For cloud computing providers, they need squeeze every penny out of the hardware investment; For cloud...
    IPCOM000194363D | 2010-Mar-22
  7. 217.
    We use Reverse Engineering for test cases generation and then execute them automatically. Based on the Reverse Engineering, we can depart the “product” of the software into tiny pieces and extract the operation chain through which the “product” can be made. Each Operation Chain of a “product” will represent a test...
    IPCOM000194362D | 2010-Mar-22
  8. 218.
    Encoding is important part of globalized product. If there are some encoding issue in some resource files, such as double byte characters are saved with ISO-8859-1 encoding, some native characters are not converted to unicode ascii. ,when UI calls these fles, an error may display to users. But it is impossible...
    IPCOM000194361D | 2010-Mar-22
  9. 219.
    IPCOM000194337D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-22
  10. 220.
    IPCOM000194336D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-21