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  1. 221.
    IPCOM000194335D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-20
  2. 222.
    This invention disclosure proposes a system where data is injected into a stream as it is consumed by an application, in such a way as to present the application with a corrupted view of the data. This corruption is specific and reproducible every time. The advantages of this method are that1) The corrupt data to...
    IPCOM000194243D | 2010-Mar-19
  3. 223.
    There is typically a large amount of temporal data contained within a timestamped log file, which can be difficult to comprehend. This article presents a method for visualizing significant temporal information within such log files, by highlighting it within a log viewer.
    IPCOM000194242D | 2010-Mar-19
  4. 224.
    Disclosed is a technique that relates to web service documents applications. In particular, the disclosed is a technique that comes with the prototype for enabling the two-way complex transformation between the multipart web service documents and monolithic web service document, in the scalable configuration fashion,...
    IPCOM000194241D | 2010-Mar-19
  5. 225.
    Provided is a gap masking seal arrangement that is fitted to the stage exit of a steam turbine hub. The seal is arranged to provide, in one arrangement, an overlapping seal, and in another arrangement, a seal with a small radial gap. In each arrangement, the seal is configured to prevent flow scooping.
    IPCOM000194182D | 2010-Mar-19
  6. 226.
    Provided is a moving blade, tip and diaphragm gland hub seal for a steam turbine. The seal includes a stationary first part that has a honeycomb rubbing face, which may be incorporated into a spring back gland, and a moving second part, located on top of the moving blade. The second part may include fins, with...
    IPCOM000194180D | 2010-Mar-19
  7. 227.
    Disclosed is a system which manages key exchange in 3D worlds
    IPCOM000194179D | 2010-Mar-19
  8. 228.
    IPCOM000194177D | 2010-Mar-19
  9. 229.
    The invention provides a Graphic User Interface (GUI) which enables a user to perform search operations on an electronic patient list by a single patient information attribute. A configurable fuzzy search is utilized in a broad and flexible scope. Further, the search method highlights search keywords in every matching...
    IPCOM000194175D | 2010-Mar-19
  10. 230.
    The invention provides a means for correcting image artifacts for digital x-ray detectors due to field-effect-transistor (FET) leakage and row-correlated noise (RCN) simultaneously. The image artifact caused due to FET leakage is in the column direction. The information of FET leakage contributed to a particular pixel...
    IPCOM000194174D | 2010-Mar-19