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Month of March 2010 - Page Number 24

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  1. 231.
    A staggered on chip THz antenna with a reflector radiating through the back of the chip is proposed. The antenna exhibits a larger gain, compared to an antenna without reflector, and larger bandwidth and more uniform antenna characteristic compared to a planar antenna. The lossy and radiating vias, which are...
    IPCOM000194172D | 2010-Mar-19
  2. 232.
    The idea disclosed is a mechanism by which the network that is running the communication (call and message) blocking service on behalf of subscriber also runs the message or call blocking notification service and generates a notification message whenever a message or call gets blocked by the network on behalf of the...
    IPCOM000194169D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-19
  3. 233.
    A technique for producing torque using pulsed detonation combustion in an engine with increased efficiency is disclosed. This technique also discloses combustion chambers of curved shape to create a circular engine instead of a typical straight combustion chamber of pulsed detonation combustion in an engine (PDE). ...
    IPCOM000194157D | 2010-Mar-19
  4. 234.
    The present invention discloses a cooling technique for power electronic devices such as, insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems. The present cooling technique utilizes nanofluids as a coolant that enhances the heat transfer rates without any additional pressure drop in...
    IPCOM000194156D | 2010-Mar-19
  5. 235.
    A system and method for providing navigational guidance to physically challenged customers while visiting large retail stores is disclosed. The technique proposes a hand held device equipped with various features. Such features enable the physically challenged customers to navigate through stores easily. The...
    IPCOM000194155D | 2010-Mar-19
  6. 236.
    A system and method for automatically tracking various sales and/or purchase activities such as, service agreements/service contract purchases, extended warranties, gift cards, promotion coupons and/or the like is disclosed. The present technique discloses a writable card e.g., magnetic stripe card (magstripe card)...
    IPCOM000194154D | 2010-Mar-19
  7. 237.
    A technique to enable ultra-low pressure blow-down of a non-metallic brush seal is disclosed. Further, the present technique discloses various design modifications in high pressure side of a front plate of the non-metallic brush seal. The design modifications in the front plate of the non-metallic brush seal enables...
    IPCOM000194153D | 2010-Mar-19
  8. 238.
    A class of sensor is disclosed that yield miniaturized, low resolution, wide temperature range sensors that can be deployed and monitored remotely. This technique proposes the use of variations in thermal conductivity of the material as the sensing mechanism.
    IPCOM000194152D | 2010-Mar-19
  9. 239.
    The present invention discloses a system and method that uniformly lightens a large area inside a lumen for wide angle and large working distance of endoscopic imaging. Further, the present invention discloses a plurality of light sources that are designed to have different focal points for optimally illuminating...
    IPCOM000194151D | 2010-Mar-19
  10. 240.
    The present invention is proposes strain measurement on micro regions of materials using laser interferometry and microscopy. More particularly, the invention relates to the strain measurements of the materials. Additionally, the invention provides real time in plane and/or out plane strain measurement of materials...
    IPCOM000194150D | 2010-Mar-19