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Month of March 2010 - Page Number 26

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  1. 251.
    IPCOM000194134D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-18
  2. 252.
    Patients in pain, whether in a hospital, at a convalescence unit, or at home have a need to accurately communicate their level of pain to medical personnel (eg, doctor or nurse) and/or a care-giver, in order to provide data for remediation (eg, medication, treatment, procedures) and/or normative care. In the US,...
    IPCOM000194132D | 2010-Mar-17
  3. 253.
    Discussion of firmware methods for managing a concurrent hardware maintenance operation on a computer system.
    IPCOM000194131D | 2010-Mar-17
  4. 254.
    Only a single detection circuitry is provided. Detection is performed in a round robin method, with the ports queued in the reverse of their priority. Thus, lowest priority ports are first detected, followed by higher priority ports. The highest priority port, if detected and optionally classified, is then enabled...
    IPCOM000194129D | 2010-Mar-17
  5. 255.
    A method is presented to solve modification of tapered or telescopic local special nets which contain detail routes among multiple cell configurations. The process described performs in the least invasive method which results in minimal changes to the placement and routing of the design.
    IPCOM000194128D | 2010-Mar-17
  6. 256.
    IPCOM000194127D | 2010-Mar-17
  7. 257.
    When receiving messages in priority-order in an asynchronous messaging system, it is possible for low priority messages to build up on the server. This solution disclosed describes a way for these low priority messages to be expired based on policy information, so that too many messages don't build up on the...
    IPCOM000194126D | 2010-Mar-17
  8. 258.
    This article describes a method for automatically processing meeting invitations when setting an Out-of-Office period in a computer-based calendar application. The system proposed will enable the user to automatically decline, reschedule or delegate all meetings which fall within the Out-of-Office period and will...
    IPCOM000194125D | 2010-Mar-17
  9. 259.
    This article covers the concept of a central task tracking application which maintains lists of tasks, their due date, and the application which is needed to complete the task. When the task is getting to the point when it needs to be completed the tracking application activates or launches the relevant...
    IPCOM000194124D | 2010-Mar-17
  10. 260.
    Secure and unique cost effective approach to circumvent the impact of a DoS attack in Clouded federated database system.
    IPCOM000194123D | 2010-Mar-17