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    A program is disclosed by which 1 Multiple users can recommend the Future TV Program to social networking channel, and the email calendar will be booked accordingly. 2 User can work offline to Schedule TV Program and recommend to his friends. 3 The receiving party will get invitation in email/ SMS/ TV...
    IPCOM000194563D | 2010-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000194562D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-31
  3. 23.
    IPCOM000194561D | 2010-Mar-30
  4. 24.
    A method and system for recommendation of a safe system for maintenance windows is disclosed. A request for a maintenance window is received and the start and end time of the requested maintenance window is compared to start and end time of all scheduled jobs to determine if the requested maintenance window is...
    IPCOM000194560D | 2010-Mar-30
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    Disclosed is a method and system for providing optimal product selection to a consumer by analyzing product information against consumer preferences.
    IPCOM000194559D | 2010-Mar-30
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    Disclosed is a method and system for displaying one or more Instant Messaging (IM) notifications in a soft alert manner.
    IPCOM000194558D | 2010-Mar-30
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    Phishing attacks are ever increasing and are causing considerable harm to Internet users. Criminals lure Internet users to websites that impersonate legitimate sites and dupe them into releasing personal information. [] For instance, on Aug 4, 2008, just 4 days before...
    IPCOM000194557D | 2010-Mar-30
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    This invention provides a means by which to efficiently enter a frequent event into an electronic calendaring tool such as often associated with email. Most calendaring tools provide a means to schedule a meeting or appointment that repeats. However, this assumes that at the time the event is created in the...
    IPCOM000194556D | 2010-Mar-30
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    IPCOM000194555D | 2010-Mar-30
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    IPCOM000194554D | 2010-Mar-30