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    A number of tools support drawing business processes in flow-chart form. When you draw a business process, it is often important to highlight certain aspects of the process to help those who review or implement the process to fully understand it. For example, a business analyst may want to show task ownership,...
    IPCOM000194553D | 2010-Mar-30
  2. 32.
    This relates to a downstream process developed for the purification of influenza virus (A/H1N1/PR8) produced in eggs, wherein a great deal of the purification is achieved by hollow fiber filtration combined with size exclusion chromatography. Thereby the classical ultracentrifugation step on sucrose gradients (zonal...
    IPCOM000194552D | 2010-Mar-30
  3. 33.
    When modeling in UML, where such modeling allows changes to one model element to "implicitly" affect the meaning of other model elements, it's often hard to see or discover these "implicit effects". For example, when using UML generalization relationships. Changes to super-classes have implicit effects on...
    IPCOM000194551D | 2010-Mar-30
  4. 34.
    Le formage de tôles dans le monde de l’aéronautique est un métier spécifique qui requiert des techniques et des moyens bien particuliers. La pince à retreindre mobile nous permet aujourd’hui, de part sa simplicité et sa souplesse d’utilisation, sa compacité, sa maniabilité grâce à sa légèreté, de réaliser avec de...
    IPCOM000194550D | 2010-Mar-30
  5. 35.
    The invention provides a system by which Power over Ethernet (POE) is utilized to provide a complementary power source to portable ultrasound devices. The POE is utilized as complementary power source when a systems main power source, such as AC/DC power, is unavailable. The system performs intelligent judgment to...
    IPCOM000194549D | 2010-Mar-30
  6. 36.
    This invention resolves the confusion of men's socks after washing them to make it pairs. Most of house wives become irritated when they make pairs for husband's socks after washing. Men's socks are usually black and they are very similar. The idea to solve it is to make a physical marking when they buy the socks...
    IPCOM000194548D | 2010-Mar-30
  7. 37.
    Disclosed is a system for the efficient parameter optimization of Markov Conditional Random Fields (CRFs). The proposed invention is based on a truncated Newton (TN) method. Although a naive application to CRF training requires exponential time to compute a Hessian-vector product which is the main operation of...
    IPCOM000194547D | 2010-Mar-30
  8. 38.
    IPCOM000194546D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-30
  9. 39.
    An approach is provided for verifying the identity of a person. An authorization is received from a mobile device to engage in an identity authentication process. Based on the authorization, a unique identifier is received from a personal identity document on the mobile device. Transmission is caused, at least in...
    IPCOM000194545D | 2010-Mar-29
  10. 40.
    Disclosed is an authoring tool enabling creation of advanced data items. The disclosed process creates an advanced data item containing information indicating the advanced data item is a set of explicit members as opposed to another type of set function. The information also describes the members and associated...
    IPCOM000194544D | 2010-Mar-29