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Month of March 2010 - Page Number 5

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    This invention is a novel method for controlling foaming conditions in a caisson. Specifically but not limited to subsea storage/separation caisson used in subsea drilling where a series of wells are connected to a subsea caisson. Whereas one or more production wells flow into a caisson located on or in a seabed that...
    IPCOM000194578D | 2010-Mar-31
  2. 42.
    Temperature monitoring in multiple locations along an ESP motor utilizing an array of temperature sensors connected to either a permanent or power line communications gauge system.
    IPCOM000194577D | 2010-Mar-31
  3. 43.
    The electrical submersible pump industry uses multistage compression type pumps for pumping oil or other well fluids to the surface. The pumps comprise of impellers and diffusers. The impellers rotate inside the diffusers by means of a single shaft. The term compression type means that all the impellers are equally...
    IPCOM000194576D | 2010-Mar-31
  4. 44.
    This invention disclosure is for a down hole pump shroud system that incorporates an inverted shroud in conjunction with a dip-tube stinger. This shroud system allows for almost any setting location and position while providing motor cooling and gas avoidance, even gas slug avoidance. It would also serve as a junk or...
    IPCOM000194575D | 2010-Mar-31
  5. 45.
    Concerning ESP (or other artificial lift systems) for producing gas wells. This invention is for a 'liquid trap and gas bypass' system that reduces liquid loading, prevents gas-locking of the down-hole pump, and/or simply prevents loss of liquid volume to the down-hole pump (or other artificial lift method). The...
    IPCOM000194574D | 2010-Mar-31
  6. 46.
    Existing virtualization technologies distribute resources to virtual machines or logical partitions (LPARs) at boot time by the hypervisor. Although the hypervisor has heuristics that take into consideration the physical locality of the memory being assigned to the LPAR, over time as multiple partitions are created...
    IPCOM000194573D | 2010-Mar-31
  7. 47.
    In operation a multi stage centrifugal pump is subject to thrust forces that attempt to push the impeller downward of upward. The hydraulic thrust acting in the downward direction is greatest when the developed head is the greatest. The inertial flow force acting in the upward direction is greatest at maximum flow....
    IPCOM000194572D | 2010-Mar-31
  8. 48.
    According to ENERGY STAR, if each computer and monitor in U.S. homes were to sleep when not in use, we would save more than $1 billion in annual energy costs while preventing 15 billion pounds of greenhouse gases equivalent to emissions of more than 1 million cars. While today's LCD computer monitors have...
    IPCOM000194571D | 2010-Mar-31
  9. 49.
    Hybrid systems are becoming more pervasive, combining multiple special purpose processors in a system to improve efficiency and flexibility. Special purpose async processors used solely for compression, encryption/decryption, and Java processing are being added to server systems for consolidation, performance and...
    IPCOM000194570D | 2010-Mar-31
  10. 50.
    A system and method for recovering silane containing unreacted species in the exhaust effluent from one or more chemical vapor deposition (CVD) tools and recycling to one or more CVD tools for further use.
    IPCOM000194569D | 2010-Mar-31