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    Disclosed is a personal device that provides the user a means for navigating public transportation in real-time, picking up where existing applications leave off. This device communicates directly with the mode of transportation, be it a bus, train, etc. Once the route is planned, the personal navigation device...
    IPCOM000194531D | 2010-Mar-29
  2. 52.
    Method and system for loading resources from a network in a web browser. Download agent embedded in the browser, which downloads resources asynchronously. Streams resources on the fly synchronously. One of the potential embodiments is a plug-in. Specific keyword can be added to HTML mark-ups. When detected, forces...
    IPCOM000194530D | 2010-Mar-29
  3. 53.
    Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware enables applications to communicate with each other by providing services to route and transform messages, and perform other complex connectivity scenarios. However, the range of capability of the ESB is sufficiently large that it is often difficult to size the computing...
    IPCOM000194529D | 2010-Mar-29
  4. 54.
    This article describes a system to allow the modification of members of a tree structure while only holding a part of the tree in memory. This is to enable editing of a client tree which may be very large on a client system without downloading the entire tree from a server.
    IPCOM000194528D | 2010-Mar-29
  5. 55.
    This disclosure describes a system and a method for documenting and validating process design. The invention improves the prior art by enforcing consistency between the data provided and data consumed by a process. A process coordinates the exchange of messages between different services. State of the art design...
    IPCOM000194527D | 2010-Mar-29
  6. 56.
    The proposed invention discloses a lift control technique utilized in ultrasound modalities/systems. The proposed technique described herein operates the lift with simple mechanics that enables the ultrasound console to move linearly at series of different heights. The lift system comprises an operation module, a...
    IPCOM000194526D | 2010-Mar-29
  7. 57.
    The present invention discloses a control circuit to avoid electric shocks to the operator during the handling of the exposure light connection. The control circuit described herein is used in CT bay and/or other interlock environments. The control device uses signals from CT exposure circuit as switch signal to...
    IPCOM000194525D | 2010-Mar-29
  8. 58.
    The present invention discloses a pedrail structured design for the table component of a CT (Computed Tomography) system with improved patient handling mechanism. The structural design of the pedrail table comprises main table, accessorial table, a control system, designed head holder, phantom holder and a digital...
    IPCOM000194524D | 2010-Mar-29
  9. 59.
    The invention provides a mechanism to adjust the height of a table. The mechanism disclosed herein employs a screw driven arrangement organically combined with crank block organically. Such a screw driven arrangement makes it possible to locate a crank in the front side of a table without destroying the integrity of...
    IPCOM000194523D | 2010-Mar-29
  10. 60.
    The invention relates to a method and system for displaying CO2 emission level on passenger car instrument panel.This invention consist in calculating and making visible CO2 emission g / km. This calculation can be approximately derived from fuel consumption, with enough accuracy to allow displaying on vehicle...
    IPCOM000194522D | 2010-Mar-29