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  1. 61.
    A program is disclosed that detects movement of laptop PC and modifies relative position of external monitor in extended desktop settings of OS. Assuming a user attaches an external monitor to laptop PC, then configure extended desktop. When laptop PC is moved, relative position of external monitor is changed. A...
    IPCOM000194521D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-29
  2. 62.
    The invention provides a system that helps kill infectious agents, such as MRSA present on portable X-Ray detectors. An X-Ray detector bin on a portable X-Ray system (digital or analog) is provided with a lid to cover the entire detector or film cartridge. Internally, on either side of the bin are UV lights with...
    IPCOM000194520D | 2010-Mar-29
  3. 63.
    IPCOM000194496D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-29
  4. 64.
    IPCOM000194495D | 2010-Mar-28
  5. 65.
    IPCOM000194494D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-28
  6. 66.
    Disclosed is a method and system for optimizing power consumption in multicore processors. The method includes dynamically controlling the clock frequency supplied to one or more cores of a multicore processor based on the utilization of the one or more cores. The clock frequency of a core is automatically...
    IPCOM000194492D | 2010-Mar-27
  7. 67.
    Disclosed is a software design for enabling synchronization of data between local and remote counterparts of a program that runs in a terminal service-like environment, whereby the terminal service does not provide an explicit communication channel for the program to make use of. The design achieves this through the...
    IPCOM000194491D | 2010-Mar-27
  8. 68.
    USB thumb drives have become popular to share data between computers. If someone borrows a USB thumb drive to copy his/her data between his/her computers, there is no way to ensure the safety of the original data stored on the drive against his/her accidental deletion of the original data. The data on the USB drive...
    IPCOM000194490D | 2010-Mar-27
  9. 69.
    We propose a service discovery protocol whereby all computers in the cluster learn of services on all other computers in a reliable, fast manner. Thus primed, this protocol allows implemented of higher level service oriented features such as self-balancing and high availability without recourse to an extra,...
    IPCOM000194489D | 2010-Mar-27
  10. 70.
    Disclosed is a method and system for coordinating dynamic hardware deconfiguration with a deferred action. The advantage of deferring hardware deconfiguration is to allow all server hardware system to be fully tested and all the bad hardware will be deconfigured and removed at the end.
    IPCOM000194488D | 2010-Mar-27