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    L'invention propose un boitier de réception recevant le dispositif électronique à fixer (par exemple FoMoCo, SRx, Indy2, Récepteur_TPMS, ...) à l'extérieur du véhicule. Bien sûr, ce boitier est étanche. Il reçoit via un connecteur standard le dispositif électronique à fixer (par exemple un Récepteur_TPMS). Un...
    IPCOM000195351D | 2010-Apr-30
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    L'invention consiste à donner la possibilité aux unités roues de réveiller les récepteurs (unité centrale ou leur antennes) des véhicules environnants endormis afin que ceux-ci communiquent la configuration (n° des identifiants monté sur le véhicule environnant ainsi que position (localisation) des unités roues...
    IPCOM000195342D | 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for a kernel-based combinatorial auction is disclosed. The proposed combinatorial auction is capable of discovering succinct nonlinear clearing prices in the presence of bidder complementarities over multiple items that are up for sale. In addition, a slight variant of the combinatorial auction...
    IPCOM000195341D | 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for rank-driven exploration of large structured datasets is disclosed. A Bottom-up Algorithm for Rank-Aware Clustering (BARAC) splits matches into different labeled groups to guide users in their exploration process. In addition, the BARAC algorithm and framework are applicable to data coming...
    IPCOM000195340D | 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for estimating the confidence score of data extracted from web pages is disclosed.
    IPCOM000195339D | 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for ranking contextual advertisements based on conversion value for the advertisements is disclosed.
    IPCOM000195338D | 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for matching Document Object Model (DOM) trees to search logs for accurate webpage clustering is disclosed. The method includes using search logs to automatically find paths in the DOM trees that mark out important portions of pages and cluster structurally similar pages using them.
    IPCOM000195337D | 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for classifying web documents using information from enriched click graphs is disclosed. A click graph is enriched by including hyperlinks between web documents and adding content based relevance. The enriched click graph unifies click-through data, hyperlinks, and content based relevance.
    IPCOM000195336D | 2010-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000195335D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Apr-30
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    A method and system for enabling a user to provide ratings for a given entity, such as a movie or an article is disclosed. The method and system enable the user to give ratings for the entity with less bias.
    IPCOM000195331D | 2010-Apr-29