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    Background: Any software product/program is vulnerable to memory corruptions. Effects of memory corruption range from simple program failures to downtime of business services affecting customer business. Memory overwrite (either by application running in the process or by any other software servicing the ...
    IPCOM000196346D | 2010-May-31
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    IPCOM000196342D | 2010-May-31
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    The present publication relates to a vacuum-sealed packaging of an active pharmaceutical substance which enhances its stability.
    IPCOM000196334D | 2010-May-31
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    IPCOM000196286D | Original Publication Date: 2010-May-30
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    IPCOM000196285D | Original Publication Date: 2010-May-29
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    Object relational database systems (RDBMs) enable creation of new types, functions, procedures, aggregates, and table/index access methods to extend RDBMs. A set of new objects is developed for a purpose (e.g., spatial and text search) and packaged as datablades with database products such as IBM Informix datablades,...
    IPCOM000196284D | 2010-May-29
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    A method and apparatus is disclosed identifying an unauthorized access to a disk drive. In response to identifying the unauthorized access, the apparatus physically destroy the disk drive, thereby rendering disk platters on the disk drive unreadable.
    IPCOM000196280D | 2010-May-28
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    A method for an email sender to use different aliases in ‘FROM’ and ‘REPLY-TO’ fields of an email is disclosed. The method involves verifying one or more other aliases belonging to a sender who is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) authenticated.
    IPCOM000196279D | 2010-May-28
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    A method and system for providing a common incentives tracker for multiple online communities is disclosed. The common incentives tracker manages incentives, such as reward points, user ranks, and the like received by a user from multiple online communities or social networks.
    IPCOM000196278D | 2010-May-28
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    A method and system for leveling a digital photo frame is disclosed. The digital photo frame is provided with a built-in gyroscope that measures level of the digital photo frame with respect to ground and accordingly instructs a user to level it correctly with respect to the ground.
    IPCOM000196277D | 2010-May-28