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  1. 11.
    Method of communicating an unexpected connection termination in live messenger
    IPCOM000196276D | 2010-May-28
  2. 12.
    With passwords getting longer these days, it is not unusual to see systems requiring users to memorize 10-12 character passwords, which creates a strange phenomenon and may cause a false sense of security: In order to easier remember such long passwords, users choose fairly long non-dictionary words with personal...
    IPCOM000196275D | 2010-May-28
  3. 13.
    Method for searching a user's authentication domain in a distributed database system
    IPCOM000196274D | 2010-May-28
  4. 14.
    A method and system for estimating the waiting time for a sender of an instant message to receive a response from a recipient to the instant message is disclosed. The waiting time is estimated based on an analysis of the previous Instant Messaging (IM) conversations of the recipient and/or predefined values specified...
    IPCOM000196273D | 2010-May-28
  5. 15.
    This invention includes a test probe implemented directly into the silicon by employing a Mux and an amplifier connected to a single package pin. The solution incurs negligible cost to the package, a modest cost to the chip silicon, but offers an in-situ testing capability not only at the silicon PAD but also to any...
    IPCOM000196272D | 2010-May-28
  6. 16.
    A method and system for reducing the time taken to perform I/O logic initialization and at the same time maintaining the randomization required for a simulation environment is disclosed. This is accomplished by reducing the clock ratio between a microprocessor and all components within an I/O subsystem so that the...
    IPCOM000196271D | 2010-May-28
  7. 17.
    A method of providing one or more hot keys for expanding windows on an entire monitor screen along different directions is disclosed. The method involves, performing an action on one or more hot keys to expand a window to achieve either a maximum height or a maximum width.
    IPCOM000196270D | 2010-May-28
  8. 18.
    A method and system for providing intelligent locking mechanism on objects in a highly concurrent Database Management System (DBMS) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000196269D | 2010-May-28
  9. 19.
    IPCOM000196206D | 2010-May-28
  10. 20.
    In a policy driven configuration management system, each target computer (or set of target computers) gets associated with a set of policies. A policy is basically composed of a check to verify a condition and a remediation action that gets executed if the check evaluation returned that the condition is false. To...
    IPCOM000196155D | 2010-May-28