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    Implanted medical devices communicate using a pulse train transmitted using electrical therapy circuit and received using circuits to sense electrical physiological activity.
    IPCOM000196024D | 2010-May-25
  2. 52.
    IPCOM000196013D | Original Publication Date: 2010-May-25
  3. 53.
    You could set customized reminders for events such as birthday or anniversary, with personal recordings or selected music or video clips. The recordings could be edited to allow assembling of an album of audio or video clips from different people.
    IPCOM000195987D | 2010-May-24
  4. 54.
    This invention aims to serve as a portal for all Sony TV viewers who wish to voice their suggestions for new features and improvements they would like to have on their Sony TVs. People's Voice will be available as a feature on the TV itself and will allow users to share their ideas, suggest new features or...
    IPCOM000195989D | 2010-May-24
  5. 55.
    For TV/Remote Control: - Children cannot change channel or settings (either intentionally or accidentally) if the TV is being used/locked by the parent. - TV keeps separate profiles for children and parents. It allows the parental settings accordingly simply by reading the finger/thumb print of the individual who...
    IPCOM000195991D | 2010-May-24
  6. 56.
    In contrast to the personal computer industry, televisions haven't experienced the same performance to price gains described by Moore's Law. Instead, they have kept their level of available processing power relatively static, which has the potential to negatively impact user experience by setting an upper limit on...
    IPCOM000195992D | 2010-May-24
  7. 57.
    This feature allows wired devices to have a tight fit around the user's head or body while under water. It uses a spring for easy extension and rollback, with a stopping mechanism so that the length of the wires can be truly variable to ensure an exact fit with no slack.
    IPCOM000195995D | 2010-May-24
  8. 58.
    Monitor people living abroad or far away based on equipment usage.
    IPCOM000195996D | 2010-May-24
  9. 59.
    This feature analyzes the vocal of an individual against the benchmark (of the singer), provides live score and step by step suggestions on areas of improvements within the song.
    IPCOM000195997D | 2010-May-24
  10. 60.
    This is an e-reader stand accessory. It allows the e-reader to stand up on its own so that the user does not have to hold onto it while reading. Also, it allows the reader to easily double up as a digital photo frame.
    IPCOM000195999D | 2010-May-24