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  1. 61.
    This feature narrates a digital book by converting text to voice. This feature provides a better user experience for the digital reader as it makes it more useful for the blind, for learning children or for drivers. While audio books are available, not all written books, especially the latest titles, are available...
    IPCOM000196000D | 2010-May-24
  2. 62.
    This feature prevents the device from short circuiting, and thus failing, if water accidentally leaks into system due to poor user handling or natural wear and tear of the device. This increases the robustness of the device. This feature also alerts the user by beeping when water entry is detected. The system is then...
    IPCOM000196002D | 2010-May-24
  3. 63.
    This feature allows the user to control the karaoke experience from an external device, thus leaving the TV free to continuously play the karaoke playlist. While the TV is playing a karaoke asset, the user can use the second device to manage the playlist of songs, mute/unmute the current song, browse and select other...
    IPCOM000196004D | 2010-May-24
  4. 64.
    A smart mat/carpet can be engineered that can transform into electricity some of the energy generated by the pressure applied to the mat/carped from the weight of people walking on it.
    IPCOM000196005D | 2010-May-24
  5. 65.
    Breaking the television into a MVC model to enable continued new functionalities without the sacrifice of processing speed
    IPCOM000196006D | 2010-May-24
  6. 66.
    Search TV GUIDE as part of cross-search feature
    IPCOM000196008D | 2010-May-24
  7. 67.
    An air damper system to reduce impact forces for benchtop tools is described. In the following pages, the damper system is shown on a push pull saw, a table saw with a blade that slides forward when pulled by the user and returns automatically with an integrated spring system. Core of the invention is a compact air...
    IPCOM000196012D | 2010-May-24
  8. 68.
    Embodiments are disclosed for a power table saw table assembly that comprises a base configured to retain a motor assembly for driving a rotatable blade, a table top assembly having a top surface with a opening through which a rotating blade can extend, front and rear end surface portions generally perpendicular to...
    IPCOM000196011D | 2010-May-24
  9. 69.
    To provide an effective low-noise environment for the receiver threshold tolerance, a power noise compensation scheme consisting of a dynamic forwarded reference voltage, is proposed. This improves the overall performance of the Elastic Interface (EI) bus, a single-ended high speed signaling technology used in IBM...
    IPCOM000196007D | 2010-May-24
  10. 70.
    This article proposes a hybrid land grid array (LGA) socket to support both high current and high signal count applications. For chip shadow region, elastomer type LGA pads are used to support high current. For external area, spring type LGA pads are used to resolve glitch issues associated with elastomer type LGA...
    IPCOM000196003D | 2010-May-24