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    A mechanism to update the system software or ISO image that minimizes the impact to the manufacture process.
    IPCOM000197279D | 2010-Jun-30
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    A method for joining SA-240 Type 201LN stainless steel for use in cryogenic service. The method employs gas metal arc welding and a shielding gas blend containing nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon.
    IPCOM000197277D | 2010-Jun-30
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    Schematic level method is used to study if sensitive or analog block is robustness against substrate noise generated by aggressor blocks in the same chip. The method can forecast whether sensitive or analog block performance is degraded by substrate noise or not, and it can do sensitivity analysis to find out...
    IPCOM000197275D | 2010-Jun-30
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    The invention involves connecting a semiconductor die's bonding pads to a substrate without the implementation of C4 bumping on either wafer or substrate. Using a specially designed die collet, pre-solder filled substrate and vacuum technology, the solder from the substrate is easily adhered to the die pads through a...
    IPCOM000197274D | 2010-Jun-30
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    Si bulk digestion is one of the bulk metal analysis methods for silicon materials. This method is the most ideal because it dissolves all impurities into the solution. But a lot of Si components are contained in the bulk digestion solution even after Si components are removed as SiF4 gas by heating. These Si...
    IPCOM000197273D | 2010-Jun-30
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    The following paper demonstrates a System and Method to reduce wastage of perishable commodities through smart services resulting in an optimal use of the services by the end consumer.
    IPCOM000197272D | 2010-Jun-30
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    AJAX based Web Application user interfaces make changes to the HTML DOM (Document Object Model) without a parallel change in the URL displayed in the browser. This makes common browser actions such as "Back", "Forward" & "Bookmark" difficult to achieve. The reason for the difficulty is that these actions rely on the...
    IPCOM000197271D | 2010-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a system and method to archive mails in file format
    IPCOM000197270D | 2010-Jun-30
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    Personal care and home care compositions are disclosed, which include 4-phenoxyphenol derived substance. The inventive compositions advantageously take the form of suspensions, pastes, liquids and gels. The inventive compositions also optionally comprise additional ingredients, and are therefore suitable for a wide...
    IPCOM000197269D | 2010-Jun-30
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    The present invention relates to a system for accurately measuring speed of a locomotive. The system enables an accurate speed calculation based on either GPS or wheel diameter calculations. The system eliminates the need of obtaining wheel diameter size readings at 92-day inspections. Further the system also works...
    IPCOM000197268D | 2010-Jun-30