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    Disclosed is a system and method for utilizing a web-based User Interface as a disaster notification and recovery tool. The benefit is that, in an instance where both the primary and backup servers in a network are threatened by a disaster at a common location or data center, users maintain communications and execute...
    IPCOM000198229D | 2010-Jul-31
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    For many systems administrative software applications today, the end-user is presented with an incredibly large amount of data and information. The software designers make decisions about how to organize and categorize this information and present it on the user interface. These decisions may or may not match the way...
    IPCOM000198228D | 2010-Jul-31
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    This disclosure proposes an alternative to solid cylindrical heat slugs in surface mount applications which are subject to misalignment from: solder doming, uneven surface tension, and gaseous expansion in voids present inside vias of modern PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). By hollowing the cylinder, and modifying the...
    IPCOM000198227D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-31
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    When a DL packet is deemed as invalid (exceeds expected + receive window), the packet should be placed onto a buffer. If the following N packets received are in sequence (each being placed onto the buffer in turn) then they should be sent to Layer 2 & the expected sequence number be updated to be the next in this...
    IPCOM000198226D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-31
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    Speed based advanced random registration as discussed in the paper means that when the UE’s speed crosses a “speed threshold” (which may be a fixed threshold for all of the UEs or a threshold which is randomly chosen by each UE), the UE will attempt to perform a registration after a random delay time (within a...
    IPCOM000198225D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-31
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    TETRA is a TDMA system where information is carried in discrete slots of information. It already allows for slots to be stolen within circuit mode channels to send additional signalling or data, and the receiving radios can recover from missing audio frames caused by this, or by signal loss. This invention makes use...
    IPCOM000198224D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-31
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    IPCOM000198223D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-31
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    There is currently an interest in demonstrating the environmental impact of actions by corporations (evidenced by large retailer's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint), and individuals (evidenced by the popularity of eco-friendly consumer products). Creating awareness of how our actions impact the environment,...
    IPCOM000198222D | 2010-Jul-30
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    Manufacturers are looking for better ways to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of their products to increase product sales. For example, the storage design and capacity of household refrigerators are a major consideration for consumers making a purchase decision. But a problem for consumers is understanding...
    IPCOM000198221D | 2010-Jul-30
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    A method and system for estimating channel performance in a complex system is disclosed.
    IPCOM000198220D | 2010-Jul-30