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  1. 101.
    Method for recognition of utterance suffixes (part of the utterances) suitable for automatic speech recognition systems with low computational resources is proposed. Possible utterance suffixes are supposed to be specified in the common way (e.g. grammars) as for the common speech recognition systems.
    IPCOM000198119D | 2010-Jul-26
  2. 102.
    A significant portion of operational costs for IT data and compute centers is due to energy consumption. The workload and utilization of a compute system impacts its power consumption and heat production significantly. Produced heat translates to cooling power costs. There exists optimization potential when the...
    IPCOM000198118D | 2010-Jul-26
  3. 103.
    XML is widely adopted in healthcare domain, e.g, more and more patient records are stored in XMLDB to easy exchange. In addition, lots of (and more and more) legacy systems just open XML interfaces for data access, even though the underline databases are relational, due to the safety and load balance consideration....
    IPCOM000198117D | 2010-Jul-26
  4. 104.
    L’invention concerne un dispositif pour accueillir un ordinateur portable dans le cockpit d’un avion. Ce dispositif est équipé d’un système d’extraction et de verrouillage de l’ordinateur portable. Il comprend un casier formant une plate-forme d’accueil apte à recevoir un ordinateur portable. Le casier est équipé...
    IPCOM000198116D | 2010-Jul-26
  5. 105.
    The disclosure at hand involves Workflow Management Systems (WfMSs) and tracking systems to allow to discover business processes based on movement patterns of people and objects.
    IPCOM000198115D | 2010-Jul-26
  6. 106.
    The invention provides a handheld Heart Rate (HR) detector which determines the heart rate of a fetus or a mother as a stand-alone system. The handheld HR detector has a front end acquisition module, an analog to digital converter and a display. The analog signal comprising the PQRS wave from the front end acquisition...
    IPCOM000198113D | 2010-Jul-26
  7. 107.
    Many times e-mail addresses are conveyed verbally (in person or over the phone). For example Sally told Bob here new e-mail address: sallyrocks@mail.com. But Bob heard salirox@mail.com. He sends her an e-mail message that returns with User unknown (state 14) error message. Bob doesn't want to call Sally again until...
    IPCOM000198112D | 2010-Jul-26
  8. 108.
    We propose a novel way to automatically generate more new LOD based on the exitsing LOD and semantically relevant to the existing LOD. Compared with the known solutions that generate LOD from scratch, our method takes a quite different idea to generate LOD from what-already-existed. Briefly, our solution takes a...
    IPCOM000198089D | 2010-Jul-26
  9. 109.
    Filtering out sensitive words from image is of increasing significance. The traditional ways to solve this problem usually extract the text from the images. There are a lot of existing methods that can extract text from images, such as optical character recognition. However, extracting text from an image is a...
    IPCOM000198088D | 2010-Jul-26
  10. 110.
    In the past years, the rapid development of online information has aroused a lot of studies from the industries and businesses, mainly due to its tremendous value for potential knowledge exploration. Communications between people within online communities is one of the most important information exploited from web 2.0...
    IPCOM000198087D | 2010-Jul-26