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  1. 171.
    Disclosed is an invention for a smart appliance engine that automatically generates a shopping or grocery list based on analyzing and interpreting informal conversations through semantic processing. The intelligent listening device uses a parser to identify key words or phrases as they are spoken either directly or...
    IPCOM000198063D | 2010-Jul-24
  2. 172.
    Current software build systems produce an install image, and store it in a repository. Then build verification teams get the image, and perform the install and configuration in order to test. Other test teams such as Function test and System function teams will need to do also install and configure the build. This...
    IPCOM000198062D | 2010-Jul-24
  3. 173.
    Disclosed is a method for maintaining a directory of high level cache, multiple lower-level caches, and cache inclusion, where addresses present in low level caches are also present in high-level cache. The method consists of a conventional directory for high-level cache and a directory for each low-level cache in...
    IPCOM000198061D | 2010-Jul-24
  4. 174.
    This invention is a graphical user interface (GUI) application that creates, manages and communicates a Priority Work Direction List that allows manufacturers to efficiently process returned inventory so that usable parts can be returned to active inventory and the order fulfillment workflow.
    IPCOM000198060D | 2010-Jul-24
  5. 175.
    IPCOM000198059D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-24
  6. 176.
    The present invention relates to the detection of cracks in metals. More particularly, this invention relates to a method for using eddy current to inspect metal aircraft components for cracks. The present invention utilizes eddy current inspection to improve the accuracy of depth measurements for cracks located below...
    IPCOM000198058D | 2010-Jul-23
  7. 177.
    The present invention relates to a cooling air system in turbomachinery. More particularly, this invention relates to airflow deflectors used in the cooling air system in turbomachinery. The airflow deflectors reduce the impingement of the cooling airflow on the High Pressure Turbine (HPT) casing when the air enters...
    IPCOM000198057D | 2010-Jul-23
  8. 178.
    A method for evaluating the effectiveness of a compaction process to fracture nitrided titanium sponge particles is disclosed. Nitrided seeds containing varying nitrogen contents are immersed in colored liquids, which make the nitrided seeds visually detectable, before being added to the melt process. As a result,...
    IPCOM000198056D | 2010-Jul-23
  9. 179.
    The present invention relates to methods for ultrasonic inspection of aircraft engine parts. More particularly, this invention relates to an automated method for developing scan plans for ultrasonic inspection of aircraft engine parts immersed in an acoustic coupling medium. The method takes into account inspection...
    IPCOM000198055D | 2010-Jul-23
  10. 180.
    A method and system for providing games in displays to customers for advertising one or more products is disclosed.
    IPCOM000198053D | 2010-Jul-23