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  1. 181.
    Disclosed is a method and system for assisting a user to schedule a meeting with other users across Different time zones. The method enables a user to determine availability of other users during non-business hours for setting up a meeting when normal business hours do not overlap with other users.
    IPCOM000198052D | 2010-Jul-23
  2. 182.
    Disclosed is an invention utilized at the point-of-sale (POS) station in a retail environment which compares scanned items to the customer’s shopping list and verifies whether all items have been purchased.
    IPCOM000197962D | 2010-Jul-23
  3. 183.
    Query Tables are a means to describe logical views onto a Business Process or Human Task Management System that are used by client applications of these systems. Query tables allow to decouple that logical view from a physical representation, increasing the flexibility of such a system by allowing to change this...
    IPCOM000197961D | 2010-Jul-23
  4. 184.
    Placing data in tables of a relational database system in storage containers with different access frequencies (e.g. solid state disks, hard drives, or tapes) is a well-known approach to level-out storage capacity and costs for the storage. It is a problem today to assign the correct data portions to the different...
    IPCOM000197960D | 2010-Jul-23
  5. 185.
    DataPower Appliances are able to deal with XML as well as binary data received through many protocols (HTTP, MQ, FTP, ...). They are also able to deal with XML received over raw TCP connection without any protocol. There exist many specific binary data formats which are transmitted over raw TCP. Examples are SML...
    IPCOM000197959D | 2010-Jul-23
  6. 186.
    A method and system for determining compact communities containing query nodes is disclosed. A densely connected subgraph of an input graph is determined that contains a set of query nodes.
    IPCOM000197958D | 2010-Jul-23
  7. 187.
    A method and system is provided to generate targeted advertisements based on subfolders of internet websites. Relevant keywords are extracted from subfolder tokens in the URLs of internet websites and used for querying a sponsored search for serving relevant ads and web search results.
    IPCOM000197957D | 2010-Jul-23
  8. 188.
    Disclosed is a method and system for indexing content from web-pages for a search index.
    IPCOM000197956D | 2010-Jul-23
  9. 189.
    A method and system is disclosed for dynamic message routing to evenly distribute messages in a distributed message system among worker processes for stateful transformation of messages. The method and system disclosed herein preserves message ordering, database management, and reliability constraints.
    IPCOM000197955D | 2010-Jul-23
  10. 190.
    A method and system for displaying real-time comparative shopping information via targeted advertising, is provided. An ad displaying the real-time comparative shopping information is generated based on product or service information and user segment information provided by different vendors and advertisers. The ad...
    IPCOM000197954D | 2010-Jul-23