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  1. 191.
    A method and system for optimizing price parity for advertisers and partner websites is disclosed. An optimization formulation is provided to determine click quality on the partner websites and subsequent price parity for both the advertisers and partners under relevant business constraints.
    IPCOM000197953D | 2010-Jul-23
  2. 192.
    A method and system for ad-hoc debugging of extraction and integration pipelines is disclosed. More specifically, a generic framework for provenance based ad-hoc debugging of extraction and integration pipelines is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197952D | 2010-Jul-23
  3. 193.
    A method and system for quarantining data in a real time batch processing environment is disclosed. The method involves quarantining suspicious/unknown data in order to obtain a high quality data. Further, reconciliation of the quarantined data is performed once a quality determination of the data is over.
    IPCOM000197951D | 2010-Jul-23
  4. 194.
    A method and system for building a synonym dictionary from web search results is disclosed. The synonym dictionary is built using doc-doc pairs selected from web search results in order to increase coverage and achieve a higher quality synonym dictionary.
    IPCOM000197950D | 2010-Jul-23
  5. 195.
    A method and system for performing Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) by query selection is disclosed. The method and system involves identifying probability of performing CLIR for a search query.
    IPCOM000197949D | 2010-Jul-23
  6. 196.
    A method of generating a globally unique hash key for an advertisement is provided. The hash key is generated using an Internet Advertising Board (IAB) publisher key proposed as an industrial standard. Further, the method assigns independent hash keys for different occurrences of the same advertisement, thereby...
    IPCOM000197948D | 2010-Jul-23
  7. 197.
    A method and system for tracking and providing real time advice to travelers is disclosed. The method combines static travel preferences with real time dynamic information to provide the travelers with the advice for improving their travel experience.
    IPCOM000197947D | 2010-Jul-23
  8. 198.
    A technique to match and block magnetic resonance (MR) coils such as, receive coil with a preamplifier is disclosed. The technique described herein uses a quarter-wavelength of coaxial cable for matching the block MR coils with a preamplifier. Further, characteristic impedance of the coaxial cable is chosen in such a...
    IPCOM000197945D | 2010-Jul-23
  9. 199.
    A technique relating to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System utilizing fluid-less passive cooling is disclosed. This technique proposes utilization of a heat pipe or thermosyphon to enhance cooling for an MRI machine. Such an enhanced system cooling system enables a more compact lightweight device.
    IPCOM000197944D | 2010-Jul-23
  10. 200.
    IPCOM000197943D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-23