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  1. 221.
    IPCOM000197778D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-22
  2. 222.
    A filling bell can be used on point of use filters and the like. Typically they are held on by a friction fit. However at times the bell may release. Others have tried glues or heat bonds which while overcoming the issue create problems as they are permanent attachments. The use of a hose barb on the device and an...
    IPCOM000197771D | 2010-Jul-21
  3. 223.
    A combination of primary and secondary retaining means provides a superior automotive roof ditch clip resulting in securely attached roof ditch moldings having a wide variety of profiles/shapes.
    IPCOM000197769D | 2010-Jul-21
  4. 224.
    A method and system is provided to cool RX/poly resistors using a body-tie structure and a metal interconnect mesh.
    IPCOM000197768D | 2010-Jul-21
  5. 225.
    A method for forming contact patterns at wafer backside for 3D integration is disclosed. The method includes (1) forming FEOL devices at front side of a semiconductor wafer; (2) bonding the semiconductor substrate to a carrier; (3) thinning the wafer backside; (3) forming contacts from wafer backside by...
    IPCOM000197767D | 2010-Jul-21
  6. 226.
    A method and system for preventing external latchup in Integrated Circuits (IC) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197766D | 2010-Jul-21
  7. 227.
    Out of range alarm built into both the phone and a credit-card sized unit kept in your wallet
    IPCOM000197754D | 2010-Jul-21
  8. 228.
    Today IT organizations struggle with the ability to apply critical software patches to users systems and balance the needs of the corporation and impacting the user. While the ability to get a patch down to a user’s PC has been dramatically improved over the last few years, when a patch requires the user to shut down...
    IPCOM000197765D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-21
  9. 229.
    Disclosed is a table structure for a keyed relational database table, along with interface semantics and functionality. Rows are associated with a unique key. A unique key includes an integer row index and an integer row_index_incarnation. This provides simplified and efficient index-based row access.
    IPCOM000197764D | 2010-Jul-21
  10. 230.
    Disclosed is method and system for providing a backup virtual I/O Server (VIOS) in a virtual real memory environment which can take over roles of a primary VIOS once the primary VIOS fails. A VIOS is a special-purpose LPAR that provides other client Logical Partitions (LPARs) with virtualized I/O resources such as...
    IPCOM000197763D | 2010-Jul-21