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  1. 241.
    This invention proposes when a user sends an email or some kind of computerized communication, the user's status on one or more social networking sites will optionally be updated.
    IPCOM000197748D | 2010-Jul-21
  2. 242.
    Proposed is a system to indicate that a manager or multiple managers for an individual should be included on an email thread. Advantages Sender does not need to manually go and look up who the appropriate individuals are to include on the message. If the appropriate individuals change due to a reorganization, the...
    IPCOM000197747D | 2010-Jul-21
  3. 243.
    Using meta-model and change detection for optimised SNMP network discovery
    IPCOM000197746D | 2010-Jul-21
  4. 244.
    IPCOM000197743D | 2010-Jul-21
  5. 245.
    This relates to wall saws and other equipment and chainsaw cutting heads that can be attached to wall saws and such other equipment, and components and methods relating thereto. This also relates to machining tools other than chain saws that can be attached to wall saws and such other equipment, as well as components...
    IPCOM000197742D | 2010-Jul-21
  6. 246.
    IPCOM000197741D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-21
  7. 247.
    A method and system for measuring multiple analog voltage levels within a System-on-Chip (SOC) or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip by utilizing an analog comparator is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197738D | 2010-Jul-20
  8. 248.
    A method for fabricating a single poly-silicon layer non-volatile floating gate structure with improved charge retention is disclosed. By incorporating a thick top silicon oxide spacer between the floating gate poly-silicon and the silicon nitride dielectric layer, charge retention is increased > 2000X at a use...
    IPCOM000197737D | 2010-Jul-20
  9. 249.
    A method and system for a conductive final wiring level Cu plug cap is disclosed, which enables the replacement of the final aluminum pad level in the BEOL process flow. A conductive layer is used together with a modified final-passivation level polyimide mask, to allow for protection of the underlying copper...
    IPCOM000197736D | 2010-Jul-20
  10. 250.
    Disclosed is a method of modeling a two-value (for a fixed device dimensions) mismatch and Across-Chip Variation (ACV) problem.
    IPCOM000197735D | 2010-Jul-20