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  1. 251.
    A method and system for reducing electromigration effects in a circuit is disclosed. The method includes minimizing grain boundary movement along the direction of a current flow. Further, the method facilitates in increasing the median time to failure of the metal line while maintaining voltage at slotted areas...
    IPCOM000197734D | 2010-Jul-20
  2. 252.
    A method and system for allocating resources to jobs in a job queue is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197733D | 2010-Jul-20
  3. 253.
    An apparatus is provided for reducing base-emitter voltage (VBE) mismatch and thermal mismatch in NPN transistors. The apparatus is formed by tying ends of an NPN transistor together to form a circular emitter. The circular emitter mitigates voltage gradients and thermal gradients along the length of the NPN...
    IPCOM000197732D | 2010-Jul-20
  4. 254.
    A method is provided to optimize insertion of test patterns executed on semiconductor chips. Test patterns are executed on a sample set of semiconductor chips and results of the executed test patterns are analyzed. The analysis identifies redundant and ineffective test patterns. The redundant and ineffective...
    IPCOM000197731D | 2010-Jul-20
  5. 255.
    A method is provided for manufacturing high performance Field-Effect Transistor (FET) devices with an electroplated metal Schottky Source/Drain (S/D) junction.
    IPCOM000197730D | 2010-Jul-20
  6. 256.
    Described is a method for detecting spoiled meat at the point-of-sale in a retail environment. When a meat product is scanned, air samples pass through a device which detects the presence of ammonia or sulfur-based gasses, which are indicators that meat has become spoiled.
    IPCOM000197729D | 2010-Jul-20
  7. 257.
    Disclosed are hardware, software and a method that allow a shopper to use a personal bag in the self-checkout lanes. A shopper would use this method to identify that they have personal bags, weigh them, use them in the bagging area, complete their shopping experience and get a discount for the number of personal bags...
    IPCOM000197728D | 2010-Jul-20
  8. 258.
    A method and system for reducing latency in printing of receipts by print head geometry optimization.
    IPCOM000197727D | 2010-Jul-20
  9. 259.
    Problem is that when a receipt is printed on a thermal printer with dual print heads (one on either side of the receipt to be printed) there is a blank area or latency because the lower print head is so far beneath the upper print head and the cutter.The more that can be printed on both sides of the paper without...
    IPCOM000197726D | 2010-Jul-20
  10. 260.
    This invention describes the end-to-end process developed to capture, classify and analyze defects encountered throughout the various phases of a Project Delivery Lifecycle. This methodology for a Defect Prevention Process (DPP) meets the unique requirements of Project Delivery within a Services Organization...
    IPCOM000197725D | 2010-Jul-20